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This review is about the "Dark Cut" of the film...

I thought this was a really solid edit of the film. I had worked on an edit of this myself some years ago, so I was familiar with some the issues you would have faced when constructing your version of the film. For the most part, I felt all of the cuts flowed well.

The scene with the Professor coming to see Cooper to invite him to NASA was a clever way to get him there without using any of the gravity/ghost stuff, but it is a bit quick. That said, I understand you did not have much to work with. Same with the scene when Cooper has the first sit down with the team and is told they are NASA. It is a bit quick, but it still works. I was delighted to see that stuff with NASA being somewhat threatening get cut. It was very awkward in the original cut and felt very out of place.

I enjoyed the ending (dark cut). Especially with ghost/future stuff removed, the business of Cooper in the wormhole was happily gone. Many people do not like that part of the ending, and I count myself as one of them. The mystery of what happens to Cooper is far more interesting.

Overall, very well done! This will be the way I watch the film now.
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