How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Holiday Cheermeister's Cut

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116 / 122
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12 / 18
Brief Synopsis:
Jim Carrey stars in the most green adapation of a Dr Seuss book, as the Grinch, a monster who lives to hate Christmas, while a young girl tries to bring the spirit of the holidays back to his heart.

An official extended cut of the film has been airing on TV for years, so I have taken 2 airings of the TV Cut, with added scenes from the DVD to create the longest cut of the Ron Howard adaptation.

16 deleted, extended, and alternate scenes have masterfully restored and integrated into the film, adding back 18 minutes of new footage.
Knowing that the extended TV cut was only really avalible in low-bitrate quality, I wanted to make a better version that was watchable without the station logos or TV ad breaks, and felt a little more technically complete, so I thought to make this, with also another version with the deleted scenes from the DVD.
Other Sources:
- The Grinch - 2007 TV Airing
- The Grinch - Mid 2010s TV Airing
- The Grinch - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - James Horner
- Casper - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - James Horner
Release Information:
Editing Details:
All deleted scenes from the TV Cut had a station logo in the corner, so I had to combine 4:3 and 16:9 versions of the TV cut to create clean versions of the exclusive scenes. They were then upscaled and colour matched to the 2009 Blu-Ray.
The DVD scenes were also upscaled and colour corrected, and while they were more incomplete, they needed additional music, taken from the soundtrack of The Grinch and Casper, as both films were worked on by James Horner (RIP).
Cuts and Additions:
- Added Lou maxing out his credit card while shopping
- Added Cindy asking her dad about the Grinch as they pack the car
- Added Loud getting called into school, as Cindy asked about the Grinch
- Extended Post Office pandemonium
- Added the Mayor asking out Martha May
- Extended antics of the Grinch inside his lair, as he talks about being dead inside
- Extended scene of Cindy talking to the Grinch about being Cheermiester and his reaction
- Added the Christmas Light contest, and added alternate dialogue to the scene before to lead into it
- Added the Grinch trying on some extra outfits before settling on his final one
- Added the Grinch participating in the Nog Off
- Extended Present-Pass-It-On scene
- Added sequence showing the Lou Who's getting ready on Christmas Eve

- Added extensive sequence of the Grinch causing more mayhem in Whoville during his first visit
- Added Betty and Lou falling asleep as the Grinch lands on the roof
- Added the Grinch breaking a swing that Lou had constructed in another deleted scene
- Added the Grinch almost being caught by a sleepwalking police officer.

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