Hole in the Bottom of the World, The

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When Dane and his brother Lucas move from the big city to a small rural town, they believe their lives are set to become a lot more boring.
Until they find a mysterious hole in the floor of their new basement...
I found this movie in an old DVD binder last year and had vague memories of having watched it as a kid. Watching it again years later, I realised that it had had a big impression on me, though a few areas left it very lacking. Despite a strong and tense start many odd choices make the original movie more of a laugh-fest than a scream-fest.
So I created this edit to make the movie the best it could be by removing those flaws and improving the good parts that remain.
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I don't remember every minor cut I made in this edit so I'll just go over the broad strokes:


-Removed instances of cheesy 2000s dialogue
-Trimmed the pool party scene
-Cut a lot of the experimentation when they find the hole
-Made the TV scare more subtle
-Trimmed the diner scene
-Made the bathroom scene darker and less blue
-Removed all instances of the clown puppet moving
-Improved the look of the little girl ghost
-Removed the little girl ghost's Charlie Chaplain walk
-Removed Crazy Carl
-Added some spooky sound effects to the Police Officer
-Removed the Police Officer crawling on the floor
-Removed the "Mine got broken" line

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(Updated: October 31, 2023)
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First things first: This edit has subtitles. Not enough edits have subtitles. Note to all editors: (English) subtitles are awesome,.

Enjoyment can easily be an 8 or 9 if you have a younger audience watching.

This was a fun watch, but I went in with completely wrong expectations so I feel a review is in order. I had not seen the original and wanted to test if I could *feel* the cuts if I had not seen the original first.

This is not an adult horror movie. I thought it was going to be lol, but it's more a gremlins/goonies kind of scary movie aimed at a younger audience.

Most of the cuts seem very sensible, althought sometimes you can feel something is missing. Not because the cut is bad, but because the flow of the story doesn't follow the usual cliché. Funny how you get accustomed to this. The audio was flawless by the way. I don't have a 5.1 system, but it sounded great on my stereo setup.

Enjoyment is a strange one. If I had kids who were the target audience I'd probably score this higher. It's a fun Halloween flick to watch with kids who are old enough to watch the aforementioned Gremlins.

I watched some scenes of the original and I feel like you've almost hit the sweet spot with the clown. I definitely would re-instate the wink, but maybe use it in his second encounter with the clown. Right now I feel both encounters are too similar. Having the kid fight the clown and showing it a bit more might be a good idea, (though definitely keep out the annoying sounds it makes in the original!)

Movie is easy enough to follow, but sometimes I felt some plots could be dropped (the mother's date can go imo, just have her go out of town for work, that's enough)

Thanks for the fun Halloween night, William! Me and my wife had a great time!
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