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(Updated: April 01, 2024)
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Probably the closest to Tolkien vision of the book.
This was my first fan edit. I came across the legendary cut on before becoming a member of I give wraith credit for the monumental undertaking he took on condensing 3 movies together while trying to keep the tone of Lord of the Rings and doing justice to the Hobbit story. While it is an improvement and closer to the book the break neck pace the story moves at doesn't leave a lot of breathing room for certain scenes; in fact I missed a lot of the slower moments that Jackson had. I really felt it in the first 3rd when the journey begins as we have constant transitions of them on horse back 2 minutes of talking than more transitions of walking. This was probably unavoidable and I do love this edit the: redone opening/ending, the battle of five armies was more tight, and the smaug scene was done to perfection, compared to Jackson where it went on to long. This is still a wonderful edit of the Hobbit and I have high praise for Wraith I am now curious of his takes on Lord of the Rings as I am not the biggest fan of the extended cuts minority opinion I know. One problems I did encounter was with the audio right before Rivendale in the tunnels the audio got wonky it only lasted a few seconds and it was probably due to to streaming,

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