Halloween: 10 Years of Terror

Halloween: 10 Years of Terror
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You can't kill The Boogeyman...
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1978 / 1981 / 1988
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Halloween: 10 Years of Terror tells a complete version of the Michael Myers story in a condensed fashion. Following his original massacre in 1978 and then his return in 1988, the edit simply tries to show that whether in one form or another, evil never truly dies.
I originally joined this community because, being a huge Halloween fan, I was desperate to track down Halloween: A Portrait in Terror by Last Survivor. I loved the idea of combining several Halloween sequels into one narrative. Alas, I couldn't find it (no worries, I've since found it and loved it) so I decided to create my very first fanedit. I didn't look at any cut lists so as to not skew my own ideas and I used Halloween 4 to finish out my story as opposed to Halloween: H20. The reasoning? I'm a sucker for a sad ending. I felt that H4 and H20 did a great job at closing out the Myers story, but I just chose the other road. I've gotten more skilled at fanediting since I finished my first edit of this so I decided to revisit it, clean it up, and finally release it for Halloween!
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Last Survivor for the inspiration in the first place. I've grown to love fanediting so much that I can't imagine what I would do if I didn't have it as a hobby. Thanks to jrWHAG42 and TinyBreadMouse for being supportive with poster ideas. That's definitely one aspect I still struggle with.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:

1) Cut Halloween opening credits.
2) Created custom opening title card.
3) Used different font for title cards throughout to give more continuity.
4) Trimmed Loomis and Marion Chambers driving to Smith's Grove.
5) Trimmed Laurie singing while walking away from the Myers House.
6) Cut Loomis talking to Dr. Wynn.
7) Cut Tommy Doyle being bullied at school and followed by Michael.
8) Cut Loomis at the phone booth.
9) Cut Sheriff Brackett startling Laurie and scenes with Laurie seeing Michael in her backyard.
10) Cut Laurie walking with her pumpkin and waiting for Annie to pick her up.
11) Cut Annie and Laurie talking about Michael watching her since that scene was cut.
12) Cut the quick day to night transition that happens while Michael is driving behind Annie.
13) Cut Michael watching Annie outside the Wallace's house.
14) Cut Laurie reading comics to Tommy.
15) Cut Michael killing the Wallace's dog.
16) Cut Annie's trip to the laundry room.
17) Cut Annie talking to Paul on the phone.
18) Cut Annie's first trip to her car.
19) Significantly trimmed Annie's death scene and added a different stinger.
20) Cut Loomis scaring the kids by the Myers house as well as him talking to the Sheriff.
21) Trimmed Lynda and Bob entering the Wallace house.
22) Cut Laurie and the kids walking with the pumpkin.
23) Trimmed Lynda and Bob's sex scene.
24) Cut Laurie's "obscene chewing" line as that previous scene was cut.
25) Cut Loomis seeing Michael's station wagon right outside the Myers house.
26) Cut Laurie getting ready to walk over to the Wallace house.
27) Trimmed Laurie walking into the Wallace house.
28) Cut Loomis looking over the ledge to see Michael is gone.
29) Cut Halloween closing credits.

Halloween II:

1) Used beginning of Halloween II to segue from the ending of Halloween.
2) Fixed error of Loomis firing his six shooter seven times.
3) Cut neighbor coming out from house to ask Loomis what's going on.
4) Inserted closing montage from Halloween after Loomis finds blood on the ground. Rescored montage with Halloween 1978 from, you guessed it, Halloween (1978).
5) Cut POV shots of Michael walking around after being shot.
6) Cut the Elrod's house.
7) Cut Michael killing Alice in her house.
8) Cut Laurie being wheeled out on stretcher. Cuts directly to her in the ambulance.
9) Cut kid with razor blade in tongue walking out of the hospital.
10) Cut hospital staff watching the news.
11) Rescored Loomis talking to Deputy hunt with Halloween theme from Halloween (1978). Theme builds until we get the first appearance of Michael since he's been shot following him all the way to the hospital.
12) Cut Nurse Karen telling her friend she'll be late to work if she drives her home.
13) Cut Michael bumping into kid with boombox.
14) Cut Janet, Bud, and Jimmy talking in the break room.
15) Cut Mr. Garrett checking the basement and his subsequent death.
16) Cut scene in the coroner's office.
17) Cut scene between Bud and Karen in hospital room.
18) Cut hydrotherapy scene and Bud and Karen's deaths.
19) Trimmed scene with Loomis in the elementary schoolroom.
20) Cut Janet finding Dr. Mixter's body and then being killed herself.
21) Cut Loomis talking to Deputy Hunt before being forced out of Haddonfield.
22) After Jimmy finds Nurse Jill and says, "I can't find anybody" I created a custom montage showing how Michael has killed everyone in the hospital, explaining why people have slowly been disappearing. Scored montage with "Last Assault" from Halloween (1978).
23) Cut Nurse Jill running out to her car and seeing that all the tires have been slashed.
24) Cut seeing Michael round the corner behind Nurse Jill. Adds a bit more of a jump to the scene.
25) Cut wide shot of Michael holding Nurse Jill in the air with the scalpel in her back.
26) Cut Loomis talking about ritual sacrifices and druid priest while in the back of the marshal's car.
27) Cut Jimmy appearing in the parking lot and passing out in the car that Laurie is in.
28) Cut Laurie's loud scream "HELP ME" when seeing Loomis. Now she is weakened and can't yell.
29) Cut Loomis ordering the marshal and Marion Chambers around in the hospital.
30) Cut Halloween II closing credits.
31) Cut audio of security guard from Halloween 4 over Laurie being driven away in the ambulance. This bridges both movies.

Halloween 4:

1) Letterboxed entire movie to maintain the same aspect ratio from Halloween and Halloween II.
2) Cut Opening Credits.
3) Cut ambulance driving to sanitarium.
4) Cut paramedics arriving at sanitarium and first part of conversation with security guard.
5) Moved "October 31st, 1988" title card later.
6) Cut Jamie and Rachel talking during the thunderstorm.
7) Cut Jamie's nightmare with Michael attacking her.
8) Cut kid being dared to ask out Kelly Meeker.
9) Cut Loomis's hitchhiking scenes to Haddonfield.
10) Cut Rachel talking to her parents before they leave for the night.
11) Cut Loomis and Sheriff Meeker going to the Jamie's house.
12) Trimmed scenes with both Rachel and Jamie wandering the streets alone.
13) Cut Deputy Logan leaving Jamie's house.
14) Trimmed sex scene between Kelly and Brady.
15) Cut Earl and his mob accidentally killing someone in the bushes.
16) Cut argument between Rachel and Kelly in the kitchen.
17) Trimmed scene with Kelly finding Deputy Logan's body. Her death now occurs off screen.
18) Cut Earl looking into the back of his truck after all his friends have been killed. This creates a new scare.
19) Inserted footage of Michael's parents finding him after he's killed Judith (Halloween 1978) into the ending when Loomis discovers Jamie has stabbed her foster mother.
20) Created custom credits.

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A wonderful attempt at combining a horror masterpiece and two of its best sequels into one exquisitely chilling package. An epic near three-hour slasher that fits ten years' worth of story and characters beautifully. Highly recommended for any Halloween fan.

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made me fall in love with the Halloween movies again, thank you for making a very good edit its was amazing to watch it :)

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