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If you want to see Halloween 1+2 go see "The Doctor Cut" If you want to add 4 into the mix then you are adding too much.
The Halloween franchise has a history of telling a story and then erasing what happened for the sequel this behavior started with Halloween 4 which gave the definitive ending to the sister trilogy, until they erased that ending in Halloween 5

Halloween 4 wants you to forget how strong and brutal was the ending of Halloween 2 for the story to work which you might have forgotten in the 7 years that have passed but in this fan edit the transition to Halloween 4 is a few seconds,
If I combined all the 3 films I would erase most of the scenes from Halloween 2 so the plot would make sense when I reach the parts from Halloween 4, but the editor chose to tell the story of all 3 films, and he does so well with a smooth transition so I can still recommend it to people who want to watch all the terror Michael Myers brought to Lauri (before the reboot) just don't think about the last hour too much

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