Groucho Marxist

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Groucho Marxist
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"all that is solid melts into air"
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Brief Synopsis:
A Vaudeville Tragicomedy in 45 minutes.

This edit aims to streamline Joker into a story of class struggle (though a bit of a tongue in cheek one) and less of a Scorsese pastiche superimposed on the Batman universe.
Todd Phillip's original film touches on but never fully addresses a variety of concepts (daddy issues, what is comedy, romantic delusions about your neighbor, etc.). By refocusing on class themes and redirecting the use of violence/humor (such as motivations for violence), this edit hopes to present a clearer and less pitiful narrative arc for Arthur, as well as provide more room to laugh in the process.
Additional Notes:
I made most of this edit in about a day cause I thought Groucho Marxist was a funny name. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did editing.
Special Thanks:
jrWHAG42 for the initial feedback that really helped refine the final cut.
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
- Added opening prologue of Groucho Marx from an interview on Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: Is the World Funny?
- Removed romantic subplot with Sophie neighbor entirely.
- Moved Arthur’s stand up routine (originally after first murder) near the beginning of the film. This now serves to introduce his anxious laughing tick. Cut around Sophie as this was part of their date sequence.
- Removed subplot regarding Arthur’s quest for a father figure (i.e. fantasy scene with Murray, whole Thomas Wayne/adoption storyline)
- Cut social worker/Arthur relationship to only their last session. Removed on-the-nose line “They don’t care about people like you, Arthur… or people like me for that matter”
- Re-arranged order of mother’s death and Arthur’s first murder. Originally, the murders occur before his mom is hospitalized - now her death acts as part of the catalyst to Arthur’s subway murders.
- Cut around Arthur suffocating his mother with pillow as result of the Thomas Wayne/adoption storyline. Her death is now ambiguous and occurs the night she’s hospitalized/Arthur is mocked on Murray.
- Removed instances of inter-violence among lower class characters (Opening assault over sign, Arthur murdering his co-worker). We still elude to Arthur getting jumped, but it’s only referenced by his bruises, his co-worker, or Arthur to his boss. The first time we see Arthur physically beaten is by the Wall Street Boys (this keeps the focus on class)
- Cut around his mother when Arthur is watching the news about the murders (since this now occurs after his mother’s death)
- Added reprisal of Claude Boiling’s Temptation Rag to the cop chase bit.
- Trimmed Murray scenes (removed pre-show introductions, re-cut interview to be less of a film “thesis” and feel more in line with narrative) Removed dialogue like “you decide what’s right or wrong the same way you decide what’s funny and not”
- Added new ending track, Joy by Satellite Orchestra. Thought it brought some humor to the end and tied the character arc of Arthur finally finding acceptance in class solidarity.
- For sake of bookending Groucho Marx opener, added Karl Marx quote to close the film.
- Removed psychiatric hospital ending.

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