Doctor Who: 'Fortress of the Daleks' and 'Invasion of the Daleks'

Doctor Who: 'Fortress of the Daleks' and 'Invasion of the Daleks'
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1965 & 1966
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Brief Synopsis:
The two 1965/1966 Peter Cushing 'Dr. Who' films stand apart from the 'Doctor Who' BBC TV show (Of the same period) in several respects. They were in colour, the Doctor was human and the TARDIS was his eccentric "Garden-Shed" invention rather than a time-machine he had stolen from the Timelords. I set out to reverse or omit these elements.
I've converted both films into two 3-part TV serials of roughly 20 minutes an episode. They are in Black & White, are cropped shot-by-shot to a more televisual 16:9, come with new opening & closing credits (Designed to evoke the Hartnell/Troughton era of the TV show), come with vintage-style BBC continuity annoucements (Provided by dangermouse) and feature many sound-effects and pieces of music from the TV show as well as the addition of the TV style Dalek "Negative image" RayGun effects. They have also been edited to improve pace, break them into episodes and create cliffhangers, streamline the story, fix errors, make the tone slightly more serious and to remove the lengthy (And non-caonical) introductions and closing scenes that would be unneccesary in a regular running TV show. Lastly I've included two trailers for other "Lost" Cushing serials (Again voiced by dangermouse).
Additional Notes:
I've also included bonus hour-long Colour specials of the two serials on a third disc (These are more coventional FanFixes omitting aproximately 15 minutes from each film). These are largely the same edits as my B&W episodes except; They are in colour, feature new Dalek effects, omit the cliffhangers and come with special alternate opening and closing credits designed to evoke the look of the Pertwee/Baker colour TV era (With a little 60s psychedelia thrown in).
Other Sources:

Dr Who: The Dalek Collection 2-Disc PALDVD


Doctor Who DVDs:
The Rescue DVD
The Seeds Of Death DVD
The Power of the Daleks AUDIO
Death To The Daleks DVD
Day Of The Daleks DVD
Genesis Of The Daleks DVD
The Five Doctors DVD
Spearhead From Space DVD
Destiny of the Daleks DVD

Hammer Horror DVDs:
The Curse of Frankenstein DVD
Fear in the Night DVD
The Horror of Frankenstein DVD
Quatermass and the Pit DVD
The Reptile DVD
The Vengeance of She DVD
Dracula DVD
The Devil Rides Out DVD
The Scars of Dracula DVD

Various other Sources:
Public-domain Audio and Video
Doctor Who At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Volumes 1&2 CDS
Blake's 7: Series 3 DVD
The Lair of the White Worm DVD
Where Eagles Dare BLURAY
2001: A Space Odyssey BLURAY
Odd Man Out BLURAY
Seven of One DVD
Yes Prime Minister: Series 2 DVD
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to dangermouse for providing the voice of a 1960s BBC continuity announcer to the start and end of each episode. He really set the tone nicely for my edits, thanks so much.

Also thanks to SilverWook and MatrixGrindhuse for suggesting sources and ideas. Finally thanks to all the contributers to the thread.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Digital
Special Features
Serials on first two discs, bonus colour specials on disc 3. Menus and chapter points included for all.

Special features include:

Dalek Mania (Part 1) - Documentary; Fixed and recomposed shot-by-shot for 16:9 viewing
On the Set - Featurette
Theatrical Trailer for 'Dr. Who and the Daleks'
3 'Alternate Scenes' from 'Fortress of the Daleks'

Dalek Mania (Part 2) - Documentary; Fixed and recomposed shot-by-shot for 16:9 viewing
Dalek Men - Featurette
Terror Nation - Documentary
Theatrical Trailer for 'Daleks: Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D'
2 'Alternate Scenes' from 'Invasion of the Daleks'

Life With Sir - Featurette
Editing Details:
- Converted to B&W
- Cropped and reframed shot-by-shot to 16:9 (4:3 was impossible)
- 3 Episode structure
- New opening and closing credits
Cuts and Additions:
EPISODE 1 - The Dead Forest:
- Converted shot by shot to 16:9 ratio.
- Processed to look B&W (and a bit televisual).
- BBC continuity intro and outro added courtesy of the vocal talents of dangermouse.
- Opening TV credits created from a blend of Hartnel, Troughton, 1965 film elements and a few things of my own.
- Movie credits and opening scene cut. This removes most of the material contradictig the established Docor Who canon.
- Removed references to Barbara being The Doctor's other granddaughter. Barbara and her boyfriend Ian are now restored to being Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton (And are named as such in the credits), two of Susan's schoolteachers.
- The Tardis now has the TV hum whenever it is on screen.
- Ian's clowning toned down throughout icluding halving the nonsense with the door (He's still a bit of a cowardly twit but much less so)
- The Doctor isn't now named as "Dr Who"
- Many refrences to The Doctor having a human life and home/laboratory on earth have been cut.
- A few minor re-arrangements of scenes.
- Any and all refrences and callbacks to the events of the deleted intro have been removed.
- Dalek stun gas gun made to look and sound more in line with the TV show with the negative effect and Radiophonic Workshop sound FX (Thanks to all who suggested ideas on that front).
- New cliffhanger ending created using music from 'The Sea Devils' and a re-arrangement of shots.
- Ending credits created blending the '1970 closing sting and theme' with Hartnell-esque scrolling text. The characters have their proper TV names and the film crew are credited with a couple of nods to the TV show.
- Short teaser added for next week's episode (Again thanks to dangermouse).

EPISODE 2 - Escape from the City:
- Another new BBC continuity intro and outro performed by dangermouse.
- Opening of the episode scored with Troughton era intro audio (From 'The Seeds of Death').
- Again recut opening Tardis scene differently from the original and the end of Episode one.
- Again added vintage Tardis hum.
- Removed more 'Grandaughter' refrences from Barbara.
- A couple of un-Doctor-like pessimistic lines removed.
- Added humming alien soundFX to oddly soundless interogation-beam scene.
- Dalek stun gun sound added again and this time the Death Ray sound too.
- Added more negative Dalek gun visFX.
- Added strange BBC Radiophonic soundFX to (Again soundless) crawling Dalek hand shot.
- New cliffhanger ending created using Dalek vocals from 'The Five Doctors', completely recut shots and one shot borrowed from the end of the movie.
- Short teaser added for next week's final episode... 'The Neutronic Bomb' (Again thanks to dangermouse).

EPISODE 3 - The Neutronic Bomb:
- Another new BBC continuity intro and outro performed by dangermouse.
- Opening of the episode scored with Troughton era intro audio (From 'The Seeds of Death').
- Recut Dalek City escape differently to Episode 2 and the original movie.
- Again added vintage Tardis hum when needed.
- Removed 'false leaving Skaro' scene and used some shot at the end.
- Removed wobbly camera cut at 10 minutes in.
- Removed bizarre rock climbing transition shot and half of the sequence.
- Removed all of the scenes in the caverns (A couple of shots used elsewhere).
- Added a 'Wilhelm Scream' to otherwise soundless action... see if you can spot where.
- Re-arranged the order of the intercut scenes between The Thals and The Doctor/Susan.
- Again added sound to prison-light-beam-thing throughout.
- Re-arranged The Doctor's reaction shot at "41".
- Removed a shot of a Dalek shooting our heroes at point-blank-range with no effect.
- Added numerous Death Ray sounds and negative fades.
- Added alot of Dalek chatter to the oddly silent final including "Exterminate, Exterm...", "... annihilate destroy" and "Daleks conquer and...".
- Re-arranged sequence of shots in the final battle to he correct way they should have been. Originally The Doctor was trapped in the light ray, then the light ray control was destroyed, then the Doctor is hiding behind a desk, several scenes happen, then the light beam stops working and The Doctor goes and hides under the desk... in short it was a mess. It now all plays in the correct order.
- Added timed sound effects to enhance the re-arranged light-beam desruction shots.
- Added "Powering down" Dalek death sounds to some shots.
- Used some shots from the earlier 'false leaving Skaro' scene to replace the original ending as I felt the former had more genuine emotion and felt more like a typical TV Doctor sign off.
- Added extra special extended teaser (Thanks to dangermouse for delivering his superb vocal work on this at a few hours notice!).
- Teaser contains footage from 8 different movies including: 'Dr Who and the Daleks', 'Daleks: Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.', 'Fear in the night', 'The Horror of Frankenstein', 'Quatermass and the Pit', 'The Reptile', 'She' and 'The Vengeance of She'.
- Yes that is the real Rani! The seductive Kate O'Mara 15 years before she would appear in the 1985 episode 'The Mark of the Rani'.

EPISODE 4 - London 2150 AD:
- Added continuity "apology" performed once again by dangermouse.
- Added intro, episode titles and 'Seeds of death music' again.
- Again converted to B&W and cropped every shot individually to 16:9 but this time didn't mess with the contrast as it looked TV enough already.
- Again added vintage Tardis hum when needed.
- Removed entire openning 'present day' exposition scene.
- Removed Tom mentioning the bump on his head we now don't see (He now just rubs his head and mutters in confusion).
- Removed, recut and redubbed some of Tom's lines explaing the plot on the way into the warehouse.
- Brought the first half of the 'searching the Roboman' scene forward to connect with his discovery.
- Added the 2nd half of the 'searching the Roboman' scene to end of Louise's abduction.
- Plus, dubbed on an extra line of the Doctor talking about the reciever (Cut from earlier) and added a slow zoom-out to the first shot.
- Recut warehouse transition to minimise original bad music fade.
- Removed pointless 'exit from warehouse' sequence.
- Recut end of tube discussion so it now appears that that they are being overheard by David.
- Re-ordered and redubbed the 'Daleks hunting for David' sequence to improve flow and again minimise poor original music fade.
- Added Dalek deathray sounds and negative FX to aborted escape scene.
- Trimmed start of hideout shot to again improve on a poor original music fade.
- Trimmed wobbly camera ending to the hideout sequence.
- Removed end of office discussion scene so they no longer all laugh hysterically in a very strange way (It just ends with Wyler grinning as the penny drops).
- Added 'keller machine theme' from 'the mind of evil serial' to the final few shots to ramp up the tension.
- Cut in a final closeup of the Doctor from a little later in the film to finish the episode.
- Again added closing titles updated for the 2nd movie (With a little gag for observant Whovians ).
- Again added brief episode 2 teaser introduced by dangermouse.

EPISODE 5 - The Dalek Mine:
- Added continuity "warning" performed once again by dangermouse.
- Added intro, episode titles and music from 'the mind of evil' serial.
- Again converted to B&W and cropped every shot individually to 16:9.
- Recut and redubbed Roboman chamber scene once again.
- Added boom over oddly silent door explosion.
- Added a sh*tload of Dalek deathray sounds and negative FX throughout .
- Fixed error where Wyler runs away then immediately runs back again in the Roboman chamber scene.
- Removed any and all of the scenes of Tom d*cking about in the Dalek ship like a rubbish Charlie Chaplin .
- Retimed error with Roboman marching music.
- Removed shot of a Dalek clearly killing The Doctor!
- Recut battle aftermath to time music queues properly and correct the mis-timed match-cut of Tom on the Dalek ramp.
- Created a (Hopefully) seemless new match-cut to remove the scene of Tom and Louise messing about with the food dispenser.
- Removed The Doctor's "Constable" line as this suggested he had only just met Tom.
- Added in the Dalek saucer hover sound that was missing from one scene of Tom and Louise.
- Brought forward The Doctor map scene to allow the removal of the brief "Funky wheelchair music" scene.
- Heavily recut Dortman's death scene to correct as many errors and strange edits as I could.
- Brought forward 'Doctor arriving at the mine' scene.
- Swapped POV shot of Dalek mine to correct continuity error caused by bringing that scene forward.
- Added 'The Doctor's Transitional Trauma' music to final 'Van attack' scene.
- Removed and fully replaced audio for final 4 shots of the episode.
- Recut final shots to create another cliffhanger.
- Again added closing titles and brief episode 3 teaser introduced by dangermouse.

EPISODE 6 - The Battle for Earth:
- Added continuity introduction performed once again by dangermouse.
- Added intro, episode titles and music from 'the mind of evil serial' serial.
- Again converted to B&W and cropped every shot individually to 16:9.
- Recut and redubbed 'Van escape' scene to differ from episode 2 cut.
- Removed Doctor map scene (Used in last episode).
- Inserted Dalek Mine shot after ship landing with redubbed audio.
- Cut end of Tom and Louise arriving at the mine sequence.
- Removed scene of Wyler and Susan in the wood discussing their course of action (So now it never changes).
- Removed line where Susan and Wyler tell the two washer-women about their change of direction.
- Cut shots of Tom and Louise running and resequenced the shots of the Dalek work camp.
- Added 'moon' transition shot which was unused from earlier in Episode 2.
- Removed Doctor 'cave ambush' scene as I cut it into Episode 2.
- Removed long shot of washer-woman walking back to hut.
- Removed washer-woman's final line refrencing the earlier removed Mine dialogue.
- Removed end of 'Tom and Louise hiding in the hut' scene so it ends on a gag.
- Removed Mine establishing shot because I already used it in Episode 2.
- Improved dodgy match-cut just after the food/rings exchange.
- Cut shot of Brockley smiling a little earlier.
- Cut shot of Dalek entering conrol room a little later.
- Removed extremely long, boring and badly shot sequence of Daleks trundling round the control room in near silence by masking it with a new match-cut and redubbed audio.
- Removed start of 'Tom sneaking through tunnels' sequence so he now drops from the ceeiling as a nice surprise to the audience.
- Improved but not completely fixed abrupt music fade from Tom to The Doctor studying his map.
- Added Dalek Death-Ray Sound FX and Negative VisFX to Brockley's death scene and added many, many more as the Episode goes on.
- Removed last shot of hut burning as it went on for far too long.
- Removed sequence of Tom discovering the 2nd tunnel and then climbing past it it for no explicable reason whatsover (He now only finds it after a later hint from The Doctor).
- Again removed long and boring shots of the Daleks in their control room and rearranged much of the dialogue.
- Added slow fade-in of control room sound FX over Tom climbing so we can now hear him getting closer.
- Removed two shots of Tom and The Doctor looking at each other down the pit as I felt it was over stated. Also The Doctor now appears less surprised like it was his plan all along (Which it actually was!).
- Added muffled "Help, help me, help" line from the first Dr Who film to the previously silent Dalek under the tarpaulin.
- Removed original flash -frame of Dalek ship exploding in the wrong sequence.
- Removed very long shot of workers fleeing and remixed audio.
- Removed the entire epilogue sequence back in the Tardis, returning Tom to the 60s and original credits. It now ends in a typically televisual way with a rousing speech from The Doctor.
- Again added closing titles and Pertwee era closing theme.
- Added another special serial trailer with little visual gags and cameos. A final thank you to the amazing job dangermouse did on this final vocal. The Trailer is constructed from footage from...
- Blake's 7 'City at the Edge of the World' 1980 / Dracula (Hammer) 1958 / The Devil Rides Out 1968 / Doctor Who 'Spearhead From Space' 1970 / Lair of the White Worm 1988 / Odd Man Out 1947 / Scars of Dracula 1970 / Seven of One 'Open All Hours' 1973 / Yes, Prime Minister 'A Diplomatic Incident' 1987
- There are five Doctors to spot (See if you can) and of course the Brigadier too. There is also a refrence to dangermouse, the man behind the voice of this edit (See if you can spot that!).
- The title of 'The Curse of the Master' is a refrence to the Hammer Horror films that I've used for these trailers. Plus of course 'The Curse of Frankenstein' shared actors and crew with the Dr Who films.
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)




Vimeo streams of the 6-episodes
(Password for all:

Fortress of the Daleks - Episode 1: The Dead Forest

Fortress of the Daleks - Episode 2: Escape from the City

Fortress of the Daleks - Episode 3: The Neutronic Bomb

Invasion of the Daleks - Episode 1: London 2150 AD

Invasion of the Daleks - Episode 2: The Dalek Mine

Invasion of the Daleks - Episode 3: The Battle for Earth

Bonus spoof clips

Worst Toilet on Skaro

Raiders of Skaro

Skaro Chainsaw Massacre

Where Daleks Dare

Dalek Blooper Helmet

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(Updated: August 18, 2014)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
Overview - TM2YC selected two of the weakest Doctor Who entries, the stand alone movies with Peter Cushing, and reedited each into three episodes, in keeping with the BBC series.
Futhermore, he decoloured both, so they resembled the late 60s shows with the Hartnell and Troughton eras.

Video - Terrific work all around. Not only in cutting, but in the decision to switch to black n white.
Not a hard, sharp contrast black n white, either, but a scale similar to the late 60s.
Truth to tell, the original colour schemes were well thought out. Once I adjusted to the look, I was fine and enjoyed.

Audio - Everything sounded clean. The dynamics were even throughout. No sloppy quick fades. One of the bonuses were "new" BBC announcements. Imaginative and much appreciated.

Narrative - Fast moving episodes, much better than the original series which tended to drag several times. This was an edit that could almost fit in the canon proper.

Enjoyment - To quote Danger Mouse's sidekick, Penfold, "Crikey!"
There is plenty here to enjoy, to appreciate, to brag about.
The extras, talk about goodies! Not only the bonus material, but the aforementioned BBC voiceovers.
The main downside is rather like Jar Jar Binks - Peter Cushing as the doctor. His was not a portrayal I enjoyed. Don't know whether this was his interpretation or straight from the script, but his addled, confused manner was more onset Alzheimer's than brilliance. There was no way to excise him or add starch to his manner. Annoying.
Cushing did not hurt my opinion of the edit, however. Indeed, TM2YC did quite a bit to maximize the action, and heighten the Daleks, and minimize Cushing's fey doctor.
He is not Hartnell (let alone Pertwee), but these two stories can now stand in the same room as classic BBC Doctors.

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I've been a Who fan ever since I saw Tom Baker regenerate into Peter Davison in Logopolis when I was 7 years old, but I've NEVER been a fan of the Doctor Who "movies"...until now.
From the opening scene of episode one I was hooked, converting it to b&w was a masterstroke. I enjoyed it so much I may even watch it again with the wife and see if she notices that it's not an original. lol.
It would be interesting to see if you could do an edit in the opposite direction, turning a four or six parter classic serial into a feature length movie. Maybe something like Genesis Of The Daleks or The Deadly Assassin.

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2 reviews
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
awesome edit, i can now stand watching the Peter Cushing movies! also where can i find the download for the Dvd,s since they have been deleted from viemo?

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Top 100 Reviewer 53 reviews
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Overall rating
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Fantastic editing on hand here. You don't just get a restructuring, you get a whole repurposing, no silly introductions, no "this is TARDIS" (no relation to SPARTA), This is what 60s Doctor Who would look like if the BBC were not so tight in the pocket, and probably would have been an even grander phenomenon if it were like this throughout. The Cushing movies and Hartnell Doctor Who helped ease me through many a dreary Sunday and these 'episodes' are just the right thing to put you in the mood before a new series commences of the real thing. The unique 'next time' trailers are also fantastic, makes you wonder if TMTYC is trying to apply for a job as showrunner in the 1960s...I'd watch the hell out of anything he could put together.

This ought to get a ten from Len, not Farmfoods (Geez, just how many are gonna get that joke?), cheers for the thrills T.

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This edit was very well made with attention to detail.
I think this is a high quality fanedit. The source material, meaning the original movies, are not as good as the classic TV episodes of Doctor Who that they are based on but still this edit is a definite improvement.

Great job!

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