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(Updated: August 18, 2014)
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Overview - TM2YC selected two of the weakest Doctor Who entries, the stand alone movies with Peter Cushing, and reedited each into three episodes, in keeping with the BBC series.
Futhermore, he decoloured both, so they resembled the late 60s shows with the Hartnell and Troughton eras.

Video - Terrific work all around. Not only in cutting, but in the decision to switch to black n white.
Not a hard, sharp contrast black n white, either, but a scale similar to the late 60s.
Truth to tell, the original colour schemes were well thought out. Once I adjusted to the look, I was fine and enjoyed.

Audio - Everything sounded clean. The dynamics were even throughout. No sloppy quick fades. One of the bonuses were "new" BBC announcements. Imaginative and much appreciated.

Narrative - Fast moving episodes, much better than the original series which tended to drag several times. This was an edit that could almost fit in the canon proper.

Enjoyment - To quote Danger Mouse's sidekick, Penfold, "Crikey!"
There is plenty here to enjoy, to appreciate, to brag about.
The extras, talk about goodies! Not only the bonus material, but the aforementioned BBC voiceovers.
The main downside is rather like Jar Jar Binks - Peter Cushing as the doctor. His was not a portrayal I enjoyed. Don't know whether this was his interpretation or straight from the script, but his addled, confused manner was more onset Alzheimer's than brilliance. There was no way to excise him or add starch to his manner. Annoying.
Cushing did not hurt my opinion of the edit, however. Indeed, TM2YC did quite a bit to maximize the action, and heighten the Daleks, and minimize Cushing's fey doctor.
He is not Hartnell (let alone Pertwee), but these two stories can now stand in the same room as classic BBC Doctors.

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