Crow, The: Extended Edition

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Crow, The: Extended Edition
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This extended edition creates a longer, fuller version of The Crow.
My intention with this edit was to create a longer, fuller version of The Crow. I am aware of at least one other deleted scene (The Skull Cowboy) and if I ever find a high quality version of that, it will be included in a subsequent release.
Special Features
– Color/B&W
– NTSC 16:9 (1.85:1) SL
– Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
– Static Menus (no music)
Cuts and Additions:
All extended scenes from the two-disc DVD have been included:

– Extended arcade bombing
– Extended Funboy fight scene
– Extended Top Dollar Shoot-out

Additionally, I added a brief fade-in to the Dimension Films logo at the start of the film.
Cover art by Mollo (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: August 29, 2012)
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col.hutty july 30 2009

I am an extended edition buff and have a big collection of original ones and all the fanedits from here.
Many extended editions do not add anything to the movie, just add more useless scenes. I will rate the ones here.
Rating criteria: image quality, sound quality, 3x improvement, overall.
Image Quality: 7 of 10
Sound Quality: 7 of 10
Improvement: 2 of 10
Overall: 4 of 10

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