Captain America: The Steve Rogers Cut

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Captain America: The Steve Rogers Cut
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Brief Synopsis:
A fun, Saturday-Matinee, Action/Adventure, tightly focused on Captain America, The Steve Rogers Cut quickens the pace, energizes the action, and re-structures the narrative in humorous and exciting ways to create a very different introduction to The First Avenger.
This is my first fanedit that is not trying to fix anything because I found Captain America: The First Avenger to be quite charming and old-fashioned fun. The Steve Rogers Cut is an alternative Fanmix to the original that gave me the creative freedom to work with a movie I already enjoyed. But even for movies I like, I have nitpicks: An over-exposed yet under-developed villian, a framing device that spoils the ending, some cringe-worthy dialogue and off comedic timing, a slow middle section, and action that never fully energized me. Additionally, there are some surprises along the way.
Special Thanks:
Raymonster88 for feedback and advice during the editing process.
The Avengers Initiative
Release Information:
  • DVD
Editing Details:
-Removed the Opening Framing Device
-Excised the Majority of Red Skull’s Scenes; Delayed his First Scene; His Face is not seen until Steve Rogers first Encounters Him
-Cut Any Sign of Trouble Before the Super Soldier Procedure
-Revamped the Film’s Action
-Excised or Modified Particular Lines of Dialogue that were Inappropriate for the Tone of Select Scenes (Example; “Someone get that kid a sandwhich!”) (This includes ‘On-the-Nose’ lines, such as “The right partner.”)
-Re-arranged/Re-worked the Middle Section of the Film in Entertaining Ways
-Removed the Dialogue from the Ending Scene; Film Ends with a Silent Realization
-Credits Now Start with “Captain America: The First Avenger”
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut the opening framing device
- Moved Schmidt finding the cube to later in the film
- Cut Steve Rogers’ enlisting attempt
- Movie now opens during the War filmreel scene
- Tightened Steve’s confrontation with the Bully to seem far more brutal, and for Steve to appear far more resilient
- Cut Bully’s line “Do ya?”
- Tightened the exchange between Steve and Bucky in the Alley and when talking about the double date in the next scene
- Kept only one of the exhibition announcer’s lines
- Howard Stark’s show starts a bit sooner
- Moved Howard Stark’s line “You’ll be able to do just that” to after he has started the hover car
- Car malfunctions while the show music is peaking
- Cut Bucky turning around to discover Steve is missing
- Trimmed the beginning of the random extra stepping on the panel, activating the portrait; scene starts with him already looking at himself in the portrait
- Cut Bucky’s line, “This isn’t a back alley, Steve. It’s war.”
- Re-arranged Steve and Bucky’s farewell to eliminate Steve’s line “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.”
- Trimmed some of Steve sitting in the examination room for pacing
- Added jump cut from Steve reading “It is illegal to falsify…” sign to Steve hurrying across the room to get dressed.
- Cut the section of the scene where Dr. Erskine walks to the exam bed and asks where Steve is from and tells Steve he’s from Germany. Steve now immediately asks if “this is a test?”
- Cut whole scene of Red Skull harnessing the cube’s energy
- Adjusted the comedic timing of Agent Carter knocking out the bully recruit
- Re-arranged the training montage to start with more excitement and establish the flag pole earlier
- Re-arranged the scene so that Steve has already unhinged the flag pole before being yelled at to, “Fall in!!!”
- “He is the clear choice” is said during a shot of Steve struggling to do push-ups
- “He’s making me cry” is said during a shot of Steve struggling to do jumping jacks
- Steve yells “Get back!” sooner during the grenade test to add urgency
- “He’s still skinny” is said off to the left of the screen after Phillips has walked away
- Cut the scene of Red Skull talking to and then killing Hitler’s check-up committee
- Removed footage of Red Skull when Dr. Erskine is telling Steve about the origins of Schmidt and his formula.
- Cut Steve’s line, “To the little guys.”
- Cut Red Skull getting his portrait made and revealing that he’s dispatched an assassin to the procedure.
- “And that diner” is said over a shot of Agent Carter looking baffled.
- Cut Steve’s line “The right partner.” Scene ends with Steve silently nodding after Carter asks “What were you waiting for?”
- Cut all shots of suspicious characters outside the antique shop
- Old woman enters from the back a bit sooner, and they enter the hidden chamber a bit sooner.
- Cut Dr. Erskine’s line “Comfortable?”
- Added shots of Steve becoming VERY nervous when he finds out Howard Stark created the machine and is in charge of the procedure
- Cut the Senator’s line, “Somebody get that kid a sandwhich!”
- Trimmed some of Erskine fiddling with the microphone
- Cut Dr. Erskine’s line, “That was penicillin.” Erskine now sighs in response to Steve’s line, “That wasn’t so bad,” and then says, “Serum infusion… beginning in…” Steve looks at him baffled.
- Cut Erskine checking on Steve, and Steve asking, “Is it too late to go to the bathroom?”
- Altered the pacing of the transformation
- Added the reaction shot of Howard Stark removing his glasses to after Steve’s new body is revealed, matching the way it was done in the trailers
- Cut the shot of the Assassin leaving something in the booth, and his dramatic stare-down with Erskine. Explosion occurs just after Steve’s line, “Taller,” to take the audience by surprise.
- Re-arranged the Assassin’s escape to give more time between Steve and Erskine.
- Cut Steve’s two “Sorry” lines during the chase to maintain the gravity of the situation.
- Schmidt finding the cube has been moved to right after the Assassin reveals he’s from Hydra and kills himself.
- The entire sequence of Schmidt finding the cube has been trimmed down to a little over a minute long and to not show Schmidt’s face (I thought it more menacing and fun this way). Scene ends when Schmidt opens the box with cube inside
- Cut scene of Steve behind stage saying, “I don’t know if I can do this.” Musical montge now begins with Steve being abruptly shoved on stage
- A full minute and twenty seconds has been cut out of the Musical Montage (was 3 minutes, 50 seconds; now 1 minute, 30 seconds)
- Sped up the soldiers turning on Steve’s theatrics; cut the mooning soldier
- Cut Steve walking back stage
- Simplified Steve’s conversation with Agent Carter backstage
- Tightened Steve’s conversation about the POW’s. Scene now ends with Steve saying, “Yes, sir”
- Cut chorus girl looking for her helmet
- Cut “So… do you two… Fondue?” Steve now gives an awkward nod after asking, “So… do you two…?”
- Cut Steve’s line, “The hell I can’t! I’m a Captain!” Instead Steve just grins when Carter says, “You can’t give me orders!”
- Cut the scene of Schmidt in the factory.
- Cut scene of POW’s being put in their cells
- Cut Steve’s line to the two guards when he jumps in the truck
- Cut the guard staring at the shield for 3 seconds. Guard removes the tarp and is instantly knocked out when seeing the shield.
- Cut Steve running around the outside of the base.
- Steve takes out the guard in a single punch. No door slam.
- Cut Steve’s line to the prisoners, “I’m…uh… Captain America.”
- Cut “We taking everyone?”/ “I’m from Fresno, Ace.”
- Trimmed Schmidt starting the timers so you don’t see his face
- Re-paced the action of the escape a tad
- Cut the line before Bucky’s, “Is it perminent?”
- Cut Steve punching Schmidt, and Schmidt punching the sheild and getting kicked. Dr. Zola now pulls the lever to separate the bridge before Steve and Schmidt can meet in the center, depriving Steve of a revenge lick.
- Trimmed the scene to show as little of the Red Skull make-up as possible after Schmidt removes the Elron mask
- Cut Red Skull and Zola in the elevator, Red Skull’s chopper escape, and Zola taking the car.
- Scene between Carter and Phillips begins with Phillips’ line, “Go get a cup of coffee, Corporal.”
- Carter now responds, “I had faith,” to Phillips’ line, “Because you had a crush.”
- Cut Phillips walking through the crowd.
- Shortened the shot of the Bully coming out of the tent
- Moved the Medal of Valor ceremony to later in the film.
- Cut Steve pointing out the bases/ Carter’s, “Well, no one’s PERfect.”
- Simplified Steve’s conversation with Phillips and the subsequent bar scene for pacing
- Cut Steve’s line, “I don’t know. It’s starting to grow on me.”
- Cut Carter’s line, “the right partner.”
- Intercut Howard Stark testing the cube energy with Steve being hit on the blonde secretary to improve pacing, create a metaphor, and for entertainment.
- Cut Carter’s line, “You still don’t know a bloody thing about women.”
- Carter grabs the gun quicker for added comedic effect
- The Medal for Valor Ceremony now opens the war montage in a fun way
- Cut Red Skull angry behind the wheel of a car.
- Simplified Red Skull’s “Apparently not” scene at the end of the montage
- Re-paced the action in the train sequence
- Cut all instances of Dr. Zola over the intercom during the train trap.
- Re-placed the greenscreen shot of Bucky falling with a shot of the empty cavern below
- Cut the whole scene of Phillips interrogating Zola
- Cut the motocycle chase
- Re-paced the climax
- Cut Steve’s line, “You’re late.”
- Cut Steve’s speed-ramped tarzan swing
- Cut Steve murdering two men in the aircraft (the knife in the back and throwing another out the plane)
- Added reaction shot of pilot when other guard is shredded in the propeller blades
- Cut Red Skull’s line, “You don’t give up, do you?” (Too ‘On-the-nose’ in relation to the opening bully scene)
- Cut as many shots of the exterior of the aircraft as possible to keep the action inside the plane
- Steve’s line, “Not MY future!” is now said as he’s throwing the shield at Red Skull
- Cut Steve’s line, “This is my choice.”
- Cut Carter’s line, “at the _____ club.”
- “To the Captain” line has been muted during the toast.
- Added reaction shot of Carter after seeing Steve’s picture.
- Cut all dialogue between Nick Fury and Steve. Film ends with a silent, emotional realization of what’s happened.
- Credits start with “Captain America: The First Avenger”
Cover art by Aemovieguy(?) (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I'm a big fan of the MCU, but the original film was just okay for me. I like the fast pace of this edit and it has replaced the original for me. Well done!

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This was a pretty cool edit, though it was ultimately underwhelming. Similar thoughts could be said about Captain America: The First Avenger, I suppose. I had hoped that this edit might be a replacement, but, alas no.

I did enjoy the original film, quite a lot actually. It's in the upper end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. But it is not without it's issues. If fan editing is criticizing the original work, then AEmovieguy does a good job with his edit of showing how little time is spent with the titular Cap in the original film. While that makes for a good critique, it does not necessarily make for a good edit.

Not to say this isn't a good edit. No, that's not what I mean at all. This is a very good edit. It's just limited by the source material. If this is, in fact, the "Steve Rodgers" cut, then there isn't enough of him.

Removing most of the Hydra-centric bits works well to keep the focus on Steve, and certainly tightens the film up, but the pacing is almost silly fast. Again this is mostly a fault of the filmmakers, but the edits made here do not help matters. I'm not too happy with any of them, but hey, it's not my edit. I get cutting corny dialogue, I really do - but I think it fit with the feel of the film. One thing I cannot condone however is the trimming of the Star Spangled Man montage. And if I were making a Steve Rodgers cut, I wouldn't just keep everything with Steve in, I'd add in any relevant deleted scenes (though I don't know how many of those there are), anything in an attempt to make it feel like a fuller movie-watching experience.

AEmovieguy opts for a more streamlined approach, however. In the info for this edit, he says it's a FanMix, which provided him creative freedom. I almost wish, if this was the case, that he had made it even less like the original, but making it more closely resemble a 40s adventure film with B&W or something.

But here I am talking about how I'd edit the film, and that's not what this review is supposed to be about. This edit is not what I, personally, would look for in a Mix or a Fix of this film, but it does stand on it's own as a super fun and super fast 84 minutes of Captain American glory. If that's what you're looking for, then definitely check this out.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
this is a very enjoyable edit focusing on the journey of steve rodgers as he becomes the superhero known as Captain America. the slow reveal of the Red Skull is well done though i agree with another reviewer the painting scene would have been a welcome inclusion. also i believe the edit would have benefited from the removal of the pre-avenger scene at the end making this edit a more stand alone film and not apart of the MCU

not an edit to replace the original but a nice alternative

my original Captain America score 8/10
my fanedit Captain America score 7/10
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Out of all the MCU movies I enjoyed Captain America the least (or Iron Man 2 it is a close call)

While the movie has its fair shares of good ideas and a nice retro vibe it just dragged forever to me. The Red Skull was doing evil things the whole times but nothing that had a genuine effect on the hero’s journey.
The entire storyline is very simplistic: cap gets born, he frees soldiers, they invade the fortress of the overlord

With that little plot the movie just dragged for me, so when AEMovieguy annoucned a quickened version I was more than intrigued.

And what a ride this edit was!
The time flies by like nothing and similarly to his Harry Potter shortening the edits are very well chosen and a lot of time pretty creative.

I was not sure how the new opening would work and found myself laughing at it because it is a pretty cool “meta”-framing device as the people in the cinema complain that the movie should finally start, which would have been a fantastic way to open the movie in the cinema after having to endure millions of trailers before the movie you really feel like “come on just start the goddamn movie”

Further on the plus side most of the re-editing manages to energize scenes that were pretty unremarkable in the original. Moving Lee’s monolog during the training montange manages to combine two sequences without losing anything and adding much more energy than “mandatory exposition” followed by “mandatory montage” now it is just one mandatory scene that goes way faster.

Pretty much all the quickening helped me enjoy the movie much more. We don’t need to see Steve apply a million times as it is stated so many times thorough the movie. Also removing the bland Red-Skull/Weaving shots from the Doctor’s narration helps wonders and does not remind you of matrix revolutions with dozens of Hugo Weavings.

Almost all of the Red Skull scenes where he is scheming are gone and the movie profits a lot. Pretty much all the Skull does is extract the energy from the cube – which Stark finds out later and feels redundant in the original. In this version we discover what the red skull has done alongside the heroes

The only scene I missed was the portrait of the skull which was a pretty neat foreshadowing, but hey..

Removing the framing device also works wonders and helps the cliffhanger to be at least surprising to the audience. In the original it is not really a big surprise when Cap wakes up and you spend more time wondering why shield has set up the chamber in the style of the 40s… in this version it still makes little to no sense (“we wanted to make the transition easier”-yeah for sure) but you don’t have time to think about this because like Cap you are not sure what exactly is going on

The minor nitpicks:
While I liked the trimming of the Red Skull I would have preferred for the first confrontation to be a bit longer.
The idea of intercutting the Captain America war montage with the announcer of the tour is pretty fun but I still think the money-shot of the shield on the back is a pretty cool shot of the hero being fully formed and it gets downplayed a bit in this version

Overall a vast improvement and to everyone who kinda liked Captain America but felt it was a bit lackluster just go watch this version

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(Updated: August 25, 2012)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
You really managed to insert some energy into this – it’s much more exciting and entertaining than the original.

Technical quality – 9/10 – video quality was sufficient. The audio levels fluctuated a bit, but were crisp.

Editing – 8/10 – most of the time, the video and audio editing was great. However, there were a few places where things could have been changed – the audio from the theater should have started a little earlier over a black screen before the Paramount logo showed up – as it is, it’s a bit sudden. It also would have been nice if the opening shot of Steve was longer. The removal of the “right partner” line was a bit awkward. I was kind of hoping you would keep “That was Penicillin,” but that’s only my opinion. I wish you had cut Peggy touching Steve after he gets out of the machine (kind of looked like you tried to cut it, but it’s ok). The audio crossfade to the Captain America show montage should have started a bit later, seems like it began in the middle of a line. I noticed a couple iffy audio transitions in the scene where the blonde kisses Steve (which I still wish you had cut, but I realize now how hard it would be). I found the new cutting of the war montage clever, but the line “That’s your cue” was cut off rather abruptly. You also should have added “The Steve Rogers Cut” to the credits. Sorry for all the complaining. Overall, the editing was professional.

Presentation – 9/10 – the menu was nice – I especially liked the shields on the scene selection. The Harry Potter trailer was cool too (made me want to watch the edit!). Cover art was simple, but it gets the job done.

Entertainment – 8/10 – I love the new pacing, it’s very fast and energetic. Introducing the Red Skull later works well for a while, especially with the foreboding discussion about the Nazis between Steve and the doctor. The first Red Skull scene is nicely cut to avoid showing him. I appreciated that you shortened that dancing montage. In fact, I pretty much love all the cuts in the whole edit. You have a good feel for what to cut – the dialogue scenes were more effective and the action sequences were more intense. Here’s my main problem with the edit: you toned down the plot way too much. The Red Skull only has a couple scenes, and we don’t have time to accept him as the villain. Then suddenly we’re already at the finale, without sufficient build-up, and we don’t have a good idea of what’s at stake or what the odds are. The film whizzes by well-paced, but the plot is severely under-developed. I enjoyed this edit, and in fact I might prefer it over the original, but I’m going to take off one point for the editing problems and another for toning down the plot too much. Fantastic job overall though, I think I’ll check out some of your other work.

Overall – 8/10
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