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(Updated: August 25, 2012)
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You really managed to insert some energy into this – it’s much more exciting and entertaining than the original.

Technical quality – 9/10 – video quality was sufficient. The audio levels fluctuated a bit, but were crisp.

Editing – 8/10 – most of the time, the video and audio editing was great. However, there were a few places where things could have been changed – the audio from the theater should have started a little earlier over a black screen before the Paramount logo showed up – as it is, it’s a bit sudden. It also would have been nice if the opening shot of Steve was longer. The removal of the “right partner” line was a bit awkward. I was kind of hoping you would keep “That was Penicillin,” but that’s only my opinion. I wish you had cut Peggy touching Steve after he gets out of the machine (kind of looked like you tried to cut it, but it’s ok). The audio crossfade to the Captain America show montage should have started a bit later, seems like it began in the middle of a line. I noticed a couple iffy audio transitions in the scene where the blonde kisses Steve (which I still wish you had cut, but I realize now how hard it would be). I found the new cutting of the war montage clever, but the line “That’s your cue” was cut off rather abruptly. You also should have added “The Steve Rogers Cut” to the credits. Sorry for all the complaining. Overall, the editing was professional.

Presentation – 9/10 – the menu was nice – I especially liked the shields on the scene selection. The Harry Potter trailer was cool too (made me want to watch the edit!). Cover art was simple, but it gets the job done.

Entertainment – 8/10 – I love the new pacing, it’s very fast and energetic. Introducing the Red Skull later works well for a while, especially with the foreboding discussion about the Nazis between Steve and the doctor. The first Red Skull scene is nicely cut to avoid showing him. I appreciated that you shortened that dancing montage. In fact, I pretty much love all the cuts in the whole edit. You have a good feel for what to cut – the dialogue scenes were more effective and the action sequences were more intense. Here’s my main problem with the edit: you toned down the plot way too much. The Red Skull only has a couple scenes, and we don’t have time to accept him as the villain. Then suddenly we’re already at the finale, without sufficient build-up, and we don’t have a good idea of what’s at stake or what the odds are. The film whizzes by well-paced, but the plot is severely under-developed. I enjoyed this edit, and in fact I might prefer it over the original, but I’m going to take off one point for the editing problems and another for toning down the plot too much. Fantastic job overall though, I think I’ll check out some of your other work.

Overall – 8/10
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