Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Captain America and the Winter Soldier

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Captain America and the Winter Soldier
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When Captain America awakens after 70 years of suspended animation, he must navigate a modern world where nothing is black and white and conspiracy lurks around every corner.
This edit is a direct sequel to Captain America and the Red Skull and tells the story of Steve Rogers finding himself a “man out of time” in the 21st century. References to other “Marvel Cinematic Universe” films have been removed, and the excessive action climax has been scaled back to keep the focus on Steve and Bucky's conflict.
Other Sources:
- Captain America: The First Avenger
- The Avengers
- Captain America: The First Avenger Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Alan Silvestri)
- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Henry Jackman)
Special Thanks:
Thanks to theryaney for assisting with the title card and to DigModiFicaTion and flaminio for viewing and providing feedback.
Release Information
Editing Details:
Note: This fanedit is not in continuity with The Avengers or the wider "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and is instead a direct sequel to the fanedit Captain America and the Red Skull.
Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added fanedit disclaimer.
00.00.39 - Added new opening: Steve Rogers wakes up in New York, meets Nick Fury, rides train, boxes in gym.
00.04.26 - Cut flashback shot of blue cube. Not relevant to this movie.
00.04.28 - Cut flashback shot of Peggy Carter’s picture and Peggy’s line “You won’t be alone.” This line doesn’t feature in previous edit Captain America and the Red Skull.
00.04.28 - Inserted flashback shot of Cap’s frozen shield.
00.12.15 - Cut Natasha Romanoff’s line “Hey sailor.” This line felt too similar to how she greeted Sam Wilson and Steve earlier.
00.15.01 - Trimmed shot of Cap so he doesn’t hesitate to chase when Batroc runs away.
00.20.57 - Cut Cap mentioning Tony Stark when Fury talks about Project Insight.
00.21.16 - Cut Fury’s reference to Battle of New York (featured in The Avengers).
00.27.12 - Cut World Security Council member’s reference to “costumed thugs.” This line doesn’t make sense when Cap is the only costumed superhero we've seen in this movie's universe.
00.28.56 - Cut Alexander Pierce’s reference to Iron Man.
00.36.25 - Added extra smoke to shot of Winter Soldier to obscure him more.
00.41.42 - Cut Natasha and Steve discussing whether Fury will live. These lines suggest he might not be dead, which dulls the surprise later.
01.03.53 - Cut Steve and Natasha looking at old SHIELD portraits, to remove Natasha mentioning Tony Stark and not knowing who Peggy Carter is.
01.08.35 - Desaturated shot of helicarrier guns so it looks more like archive footage.
01.18.42 - Cut Jasper Sitwell mentioning Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange in list of Hydra targets.
01.30.08 - Cut Fury mentioning Banner in bunker.
01.32.07 - Trimmed Pierce giving Winter Soldier a pep talk (“Your work has been a gift to mankind. You’ve shaped the century and I need you to do it one more time”). The Winter Soldier is an automaton who responds to orders, he doesn’t care about Hydra’s ideology.
01.38.40 - Added snippet of Alan Silvestri’s Captain America theme when Cap begins his speech at SHIELD HQ.
01.49.20 - Cut Pierce mentioning Bogota. It’s an uncommon word and sounds strange here.
01.51.48 - Cut Brock Rumlow headed for World Security Council. He is absent from the film after Project Insight is launched.
01.54.39 - Cut Wilson attacking Rumlow. Wilson is absent from the climax after he’s grounded.
01.55.53 - Cut Avengers building from “targets acquired” montage.
01.57.55 - Trimmed helicarriers firing on each other. This felt excessive.
01.58.44 - Cut helicarrier crashing into SHIELD HQ. This change puts focus more on the conflict between Steve and Bucky.
01.59.03 - Cut shot of SHIELD HQ wreckage.
01.59.15 - Cropped shot of helicarrier to remove SHIELD HQ wreckage.
02.02.36 - Cut Maria Hill at Stark Industries and Rumlow in hospital from “Trouble Man” montage and replaced the footage with Bucky at the Smithsonian.
02.04.16 - Cut Natasha’s line “You’ll know where to find me” during committee hearing (seems to reference the Avengers).
02.06.01 - Cut Natasha telling Steve that Agent 13’s real name is Sharon (a pointless reference without the sequel Captain America: Civil War).
02.08.29 - Replaced “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in titles sequence with fanedit name.
02.08.31 - Cut mid-credits scene featuring Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
02.08.32 - Added faneditor credit.
02.13.53 - Cut post-credits scene of Bucky at the Smithsonian (used earlier during “Trouble Man” montage).
02.13.58 - Cut “Captain America will return in Avengers: Age of Ultron” tag and Walt Disney Studios credit.

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This edit is a fresh take on a film that I enjoy every time I sit down to watch it. I very much liked Problem Eliminator's last edit in this series, 'Captain America & The Red Skull', and was eager to see how a follow-up might be done. It's safe to say that my expectations were exceeded. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to experience the MCU (in this case the Marvel Cap Universe), then this edit is for you!

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