Biohazard: A Resident Evil Fanedit

Biohazard: A Resident Evil Fanedit

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Biohazard: A Resident Evil Fanedit
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2004 & 2007
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94 & 95
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Brief Synopsis:
This edit combines Resident Evil Apocalypse and Extinction into a single movie experience that is tighter, more focused and enjoyable than it’s parent movies.
I seem to be developing a soft spot for video game films. At any rate, editing the Resident Evil films has been something I’ve been doing on and off for a while, and so I decided with the new one coming out in September to finally hammer out an “Aztek definitive version” so to speak.
Release Information
Editing Details:
By cutting a lot of bad dialogue, useless jump scares, and shifting a few scenes around, the aim was to create a more focused, and also more exciting action experience.
Cuts and Additions:
ADDED: Music from the end of Resident Evil over the credits, includes voiceover about reopening the Hive.
MOVED: “My name is Alice” opening until after the Hive is open.
CUT: “Sir?” during the Hive opening. Monster roars, men become lunch.
CUT: A few lines of redundant dialogue near the end of “My name is Alice.”
NEW TITLE: Biohazard: A Resident Evil Fanedit.
CUT: Angela waking up in the car after the crash.
CUT/ADDED: Used the extended version of Alice waking up in the lab from the end of Resident Evil. However, no one is seen walking past the window. Reframed.
CUT: Woman running up the stairwell being chased by zombies until Carlos sees her on the roof.
CUT: Bad slow motion montage of zombies running through the streets.
TRIMMED: Exchange betweem Cain and Ashford about getting scientists out of the hot zone.
CUT: The priest feeding his sister.
MOVED: Nemesis program being activated to where the priest scene was.
CUT: “GTA motherfucker!”
CUT: “Licker vision” from all church scenes.
CUT: Licker knocking over holy water.
CUT: Repeat shots of Alice with her guns.
CUT: To Carlos right after Alice kills the last Licker.
CUT: Zombies popping out of ground in the graveyard. Anyone who knows anything about burials should know that this is impossible.
CUT: “Look at the big motherfucker’s got a rocket launcher!”
CUT: References to graveyard fight as Alice and co are walking.
CUT: Straight to bus after Alice says “who is this?”
CUT: Jill asking what yield the nuke is. Who cares? It’s big and it makes things go boom.
CUT: Peyton saying “There’s no way! It’d be all over the fucking news.”
CUT: Alice breaking her fingers in the garbage chute.
CUT: Alice FIXING her non-broken fingers ;)
CUT: Peyton returning from the dead.
CUT: “And we’ve just been expended.”
CUT: Terri freaking out about splitting up and LJ offering to go with her. Jill takes charge!
CUT: After Carlos asks “Did you get the call as well?” to Terri.
CUT: Terri tripping in the class room.
CUT: Jill talking to Angie about her name.
CUT: “From now on stay right beside me.” Jill runs off a minute later.
TRIMMED: Nicholai’s introduction.
CHANGE: Jill’s matchbook, as uncanny as it is, does in fact make the kitchen go boom.
CUT: Jill asking if Alice and Angie “know eachother/”
CUT: Alice saying “T-Virus” during the flashback.
CUT: “What do you mean?” after Jill asks Carlos how many of “you guys” are there.
CUT: “You should told me you got bit I’m haning wit you an’ shit.”
CUT: Cain’s “Did you really think I didn’t know?”
CUT: LJ kicking the dead guards.
CUT: Cain shoots Ashford immediately after Alice refuses to fight Nemesis.
TRIMMED: A few shots during the Nemesis fight.
TRIMMED: Cain’s “join me!” speech.
CUT: “If you expect me to beg, I will not!”
BIG CHANGE: It turns out Cain’s gun had one more bullet left. Not exactly the poetic justice of the original scene, but c’est la vie.
CUT: Alice trying to stop Angie from using the anti-virus.
CUT: Post crash scene. Goes straight to news reports after helicopter crash.
TRIMMED: Alice’s voice over.
CUT: Alice from the start of Extinction until she shows up during the crow attack.
CUT: “You gotta be shittin’ me.”
TRIMMED: Boardroom scene.
ADDED: Shot of Alice clone being carried to ditch.
REMIXED: Music during the approach to the motel.
CUT: LJ’s plan for staying in the motel.
CUT: “Who’s out there?”
ADDED: Deleted scenes: Carlos talking to Calire after he returns, LJ on what he did before the apocalypse, Carlos talking to Mikey.
CUT: Claire looking for cigarettes.
CHANGED: When Isaac’s activates number 87, it cuts to the shower scene from the first film or, what was the very first scene of Extinction. Used these clips at a few different points until Slater sees the super-zed killing the clone.
CUT: “What’s going on?”
CUT: “Lock and load.”
NOTE: Alice is back!
CUT: Isaacs passive-aggressivly threatening Slater.
ADDED: Post helicopter crash/lab scene from Apocalypse when Carlos asks Alice what happened to her.
TRIMMED: Alice’s rampage, tried to make it appear as if she stabbed the scientist with the pen. Works, doesn’t work…your call.
EXTENDED: Alice/Claire scene, using a deleted scene.
CUT: “Maybe that’s exactly what they need” (a pipe dream).
TRIMMED: Issacs adding “That’s an order” to his false orders from Wesker. Arrogant prick.
CUT: Long pause between crate opening and super-zeds running out.
REARRANGED: Vegas scene. Even though we see Umbrella moving into the area, we don’t see Isaacs until AFTER he shuts Alice down. Cuts/trims as needed.
CUT: To the lab after Alice says they aren’t driving to Alaska.
CUT: “I sentence you to summary liquidation.” Order from Wesker BANG!
CUT: Carlos’s “When you get down there…”
ADDED: Shots of the clone ditch that was originally at the start of Extinction to when Alice sees all the dead clones.
CUT: The White Queen wishing Alice luck.
CUT: Tyrant Isaacs running past the camera in the lab.
CUT: Isaacs no longer speaks during his fight with Alice. None of this “I am the future!” stuff. Arrogant prick.
CUT: Clone waking up. Now her living is a total surprise.
CUT: The long intro to Tokyo.
CHANGED: Music at the end during the big reveal of the clones to music from Resident Evil 1.
NEW: Credits sequence.
ADDED: A little surprise at the end of the credits.
Cover art by Aztek463 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 28, 2014)
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I've always been a fan of the Resident Evil series. Growing up, watching the first 2 a number of times, and the latter ones as they were released (roughly). Although I'm a bit disheartened by the direction taken with the latest installments. This might impact my impression a bit. Regardless, throughout the viewing (like another reviewer commented) the movie stood out as a quality B-movie experience and perhaps even a candidate for a cult following. Even for non-fans, this could be a fun romp.

Let's head straight for the jugular and address my biggest gripe with this edit.
Unfortunately, horror elements are perhaps even lower than in the theatrical. Granted as a fan-editor, you can't really create something from nothing. But some of my favourite creepy scenes and atmosphere-setters from these movies were excised with this edit.

Here are some examples from the cutlist:
"CUT: Woman running up the stairwell being chased by zombies until Carlos sees her on the roof." - Not actually a lot of scenes left where running from zombies is a focus
"CUT: The priest feeding his sister." - Probably one of the creepier scenes in the series
"CUT: Alice from the start of Extinction until she shows up during the crow attack." - The scene with the zombie getting shot down by Alice was a pretty cool way to kick off Extinction. (admittedly the hit & runs that do open the second half of the edit are also pretty sweet). But also the scene where alice is kidnapped by the family (cliche I know) is pretty fun and a cool way to tell the audience that not everyone has adapted to the apocalypse in such a friendly manner. It fits with the Mad Max kind of vibe in Extinction and is a neat homage to outcast-family horror films.
"CUT: Long pause between crate opening and super-zeds running out." - I'm actually a bit split on this one. It's a very illogical moment because why would the door drop open if they weren't trying to get out asap? Also how do what look like hundreds of super zeds fit into one shipping crate and stay hidden in the back 3/4 of it? These issues aside, it was a tense moment that I felt maybe the movie needed more of.

As a side note I'm also partial to the GTA "mother-f**ker" scene but can completely understand its removal. ;)

Which brings me to my next point. I fully understand why these scenes had to be removed, that being pacing and running time, which benefit greatly from the removal of superfluous scenes. And keeps the narrative focused on the characters and story we care (or are supposed to care) about.
On an initial overview, one might wonder why anyone would want to combine these two (setting-wise) very different movies. It becomes clear in the second half of the edit when Alice's previous experiences that were taken from the Apocalypse portion are put into the Extinction portion. It creates a better flow to the overall story and makes everything more cohesive and interesting to watch.

This is where the edit shines, by rearranging a number of scenes and only revealing things when necessary it becomes markedly more entertaining.

And of-course this review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the fantastic nips and tucks done all over to make the movie less insulting to the audience. Fantastic examples include: licker vision, graveyard attack, repeated or unnecessary exposition (perhaps could have gone even further with this), Alice breaking her fingers pointlessly, Jill setting off the kitchen explosion, Cain shooting Ashford immediately after Alice refuses (very effective), Alice's rampage, Issacs being a prick, things running past the camera in the cheesiest possible way.
There was one thing in particular that I would have liked to have seen cut. When Ashford begins looking for his daughter and remaining survivors, he has to hack into the computer system as he's been revoked access. He does it so easily and in such a hollywood-ised way that it's laughable. Had he simply been able to log in straight away, it would have been a welcome cut.

I should mention that I watched this edit in a poorly compressed standard definition video file format. At a couple of chaotic points the visuals became a swash of pixels. As such, I cannot properly rate the audio/video quality. Probably fine in other formats.
The addition of deleted scenes was noticable, although color correction was done well, audio was a little flat for these moments as-well. The scenes do help build character however, so fair enough.
Lastly, editing wise, a couple of cuts in particular...
CUT: To Carlos right after Alice kills the last Licker.
CUT: Straight to bus after Alice says “who is this?”
CUT: To the lab after Alice says they aren’t driving to Alaska.
were quite noticable and a bit jarring, I'm not sure how they could have been done better (perhaps a fade) but the aforementioned benefits to story mitigate my complaints there. A couple of audio clips during these parts as-well, don't know whether to blame editor or viewing format for this.

Closing with Resident Evil 1 theme was the perfect way to send off this enjoyable and highly recommended edit. With that, thank you and well done Aztek463!
If I find a better copy of this edit, there's no doubt I'll enjoy this edit for many viewings to come.

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This was a great edit. The movie was actually interesting, and I would not have watched the “Resident Evil” films if I hadn’t seen some other positive reviews of this fanedit.
There were a couple edits that stood out, I noticed them and thought that they were too abrupt or didn’t transition smoothly enough into the next scene to be a Hollywood edit – but otherwise, this movie was pretty damn enjoyable!
It consists of sequels being combined, with little bits from the original film put into it here and there, and the result is a standalone zombie-ish sci-fi movie, which is sensible (in the more-or-less realistic universe provided) and entertaining and not totally ridiculous! THAT is a feat, and I can recommend this edit, whereas I could not recommend the original films.
Editing: 9/10, Fanedited Movie: 9/10

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Aztek delivers again! Even for someone like me who’s not a fan of the Resident Evil movies, this was fun to watch and kept interest. 151 minutes may be a bit too much for this kind of stuff, but it mostly worked. However, this is essentially still a movie for fans of the saga, as it wasn’t magically turned into Shakespeare or anything. It’s still gun porn and over the top, cheesy, cartoony show-off action, even after Az expurgated it of the most insulting stuff. The odd silly one-liner or sight gag that could have been cut still remains, such as the Russian soldier’s “Stay” after shooting the zombie dog, or Alice whistling at the zombies. Also, some of the most exaggerated show-off moments during the fights I’d like to see excised, yet I suppose if you’re a fan of the saga you like them.

I’m not sure extending Alice’s awakening in the Apocalypse segment was a good idea, as there’s an equivalent in the Extinction segment that’s more relevant plotwise, and one gets the impression that half the movie are sequences of Milla Jovovich awakening. It feels reiterative. I guess that was kept for continuity reasons regarding the first RE movie, but I’d have tried the total opposite: totally remove that part and the subsequent wandering, and have Alice first enter the movie (not counting “My name is Alice”) through the church window. I’d also try to smoothen the change from Apocalypse to Extinction by removing the expository narration and the graphics about the plague spreading and all that. We don’t really need that info spelled out to us, we can suppose it by ourselves, and placed at that moment the sequence screams “MOVIES CHANGE HERE”.

Otherwise, as one would expect from Az, the movie is flawlessly edited, both regarding narrative flow and technical stuff. No hard cuts, no odd transitions, excellently color corrected additional scenes (not an easy task), and great video and audio quality. Menus are well done and extras (a color correction comparison and an alternate version of Clone 87′s awakening) are interesting, althought I missed an audio commentary like the one in Silent Hill.

For Resident Evil (movie series) fans, this will be as good as it gets; for non-fans it will be a fun B-movie. I’m rating it 8/10, but I bet fans will be rating it higher. Oh, and extra kudos for using the original video game title!

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