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FanFix October 28, 2010 4229
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This was a great edit. The movie was actually interesting, and I would not have watched the “Resident Evil” films if I hadn’t seen some other positive reviews of this fanedit.
There were a couple edits that stood out, I noticed them and thought that they were too abrupt or didn’t transition smoothly enough into the next scene to be a Hollywood edit – but otherwise, this movie was pretty damn enjoyable!
It consists of sequels being combined, with little bits from the original film put into it here and there, and the result is a standalone zombie-ish sci-fi movie, which is sensible (in the more-or-less realistic universe provided) and entertaining and not totally ridiculous! THAT is a feat, and I can recommend this edit, whereas I could not recommend the original films.
Editing: 9/10, Fanedited Movie: 9/10
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