Ben 10: Alien Swarm - Reloaded Edition

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Experience the second live action Ben 10 movie with a slightly toned down Max, less jump cuts, and a small hint that foreshadows Elena's involvement in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
Looking back at my edit of Ben 10: Race Against Time, I decided to start tackling on Alien Swarm for the fun of it. This movie was a much better improvement compared to its predecessor. But I thought it would still benefit with a little tweaking.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Applied color correction to the movie to resemble the same look as Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

- Trimmed Kevin heading to the abandoned factory after the opening title for pacing.

- Trimmed Elena and the dealers arriving for pacing.

- The chips aren't revealed to be alien technology until Kevin asks what it does.

- Moved Fitzz turning around before Gwen shows up so both her and Ben appear in a uninterrupted shot.

- Removed Elena stating she's not like the rest of the team.

- Cut Ben warning Gwen about the incoming chips and her unnecessary backflip.

- Removed Kevin saying "I know someone who can."

- Trimmed the dealers crashing out of the building when they escape.

- Removed Ben saying "Ready or not."

- Cut Ben wanting to use Spidermonkey so his transformation into Big Chill is intentional.

- Added the Omnitrix transformation sound effect from Alien Force when Ben chooses an alien.

- Removed the overly dramatic sequence of the chips heading towards Gwen so that when Victor throws them towards her, the scene cuts to her jumping away from them.

- Removed the Plumber computer giving out information about the chips so it isn't repeated when Gwen says the same thing.

- Reduced Max's harsh attitude towards Elena after she is found inside his office.

- Removed Max and Ben lines about the decision to stay away from Elena.

- Replaced the quick overhead shot of the city when Kevin begins to break the code with stock footage that has less movement.

- Trimmed Ben and Elena heading to Victor's lab for pacing.

- Removed moments showing Victor and the rest of the infected when Ben and Elena enter his building. Kept the ringing to maintain the fact that they are being watched.

- Ben doesn't refer to the infected arriving as a trap from Elena.

- Elena doesn't punch one of the infected as she and Ben escape.

- Removed Max accusing Victor of selling the chips and being a liar.

- The color of Gwen's mana is fixed when she checks to see if the infected were at the distribution center.

- Trimmed the chase between Kevin's car and the chips for pacing.

- Removed a frame of black screen when Ben transforms into Humungousaur.

- Trimmed the Humungousaur fight for pacing by removing a couple of shots and the exchange between Gwen, Kevin, and Elena.

- Removed Max wanting Elena in the brig.

- Removed Max telling everyone what to do with the exception of Elena after Ben says they have to find the queen. Finding the queen is everyone's priority.

- Removed Max saying he doesn't want Elena going two feet without an escort.

- Cut Ben telling everyone to move.

- Removed Kevin saying Max is restrained after knocking him out.

- Removed Kevin joking about Max's big jobs.

- Kevin doesn't correct Gwen on what to call a car.

- Removed Ed mentioning any weapons or defenses for Ben's car.

- Ben doesn't go back on his small army statement when taking a closer look at the distribution center.

- Cut the infected dropping one of the crates and Kevin's following joke.

- Removed Ben's expository line about how many people there are on Earth.

- Removed Elena saying no after the revelation about Victor.

- Removed shots of Kevin that were in the middle of Elena's fight with the infected.

- Removed Gwen, Kevin, and Elena standing close to each other doing nothing while surrounded by the infected.

- Elena's eyes briefly glow when Max apologizes to Victor. This was done to hint at her being infected that was revealed in the Ultimate Alien episode Revenge of the Swarm.

- The Ben 10: Alien Force theme plays near the end of the credits.

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