Ad Astra: Cor Tenebrae edit

Ad Astra: Cor Tenebrae edit

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Ad Astra: Cor Tenebrae edit
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'Come Find Out'
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Brief Synopsis:
Thirty years previously, Clifford McBride led a voyage into deep space, but the ship and crew were never heard from again.
Now his son Roy, an emotionally closed off Astronaut, must travel to the outer edge of the solar system and uncover the truth about his missing father and a mysterious power surge that threatens the stability of the universe. Will Roy find out what it means to be human out there in the Heart of Darkness.

My original intention when i left the IMAX Cinema screen was to remove the banal voice-overs and the jarring Moon pirate attack only, but upon purchasing the Bluray and after a re-watch i began to notice some of the dialogue really is inane and had to be cut, that coupled with the sense that the movie is basically Apocalypse Now in Space which itself is based on Joseph Conrad's novella ' Heart of Darkness' i knew i had a task to make Ad Astra a little more palatable by intensifying the premise behind the story. Is the Heart Of Darkness a tangible place i.e. the Lima Project or is it a place that resides inside both Roy & his father and can they both be freed from their (un)emotional prisons. In this modern time of rising mental health issues & awareness you may just find a message in the dissension that comforts you, but if you don't you can use the 103 minutes to escape & meditate to the enhanced Max Richter score and the beauty of Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography.
Additional Notes:
What i thought would be a quick project turned into a much bigger edit than first anticipated, both in terms of the amount of editing i had to do but i also i found myself contemplating every aspect of the movie, making sure i was getting across the message i wanted to portray . Whether viewers latch on to this thesis only time will tell. The amount of times i nearly hit the final render button were numerous but i am glad i took my time with this process and researched the subject- including re-reading the novella which was barbarous. I contemplated keeping the lunar surface pirate attack in my edit as the protagonist, in the novella, did encounter attacks along the journey but the scene just felt tacked on and out of place with the atmosphere of the rest of the movie and was badly set up through Virgin shuttle announcements and newsreel. The cannibals in the book did not eat human flesh but the monkey attack on the Vesta 9 research ship is a sort of metaphor, so i kept it in. I was also frustrated at the paltry amount of time it took Roy to travel from Mars to with the use of an unused piece of music from the soundtrack and some added planetary footage i think i achieved what feels like a bit more of an arduous voyage which in-turn heightens Roy's isolation and sense of what he has left behind. The ridiculous Hollywood ending was also sent packing over the hills never to be seen again.
Other Sources:
Ad Astra Bluray
Ad Astra - Motion Picture soundtrack by Max Richter, Lorne Balfe & Nils Frahm.
BBC The Planets 2019 Bluray
Special Thanks:
Macmilln for his additional artwork and TM2YC for logo placement.
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  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
I took a film labelled Apocalypse Now in Space and went one further by basing my edit on the Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness (Cor Tenebrae -Latin) which was the inspiration behind Copolla's masterpiece...this coupled with the frustrating under use of maestro Max Richter and friends score sent me on my own sometimes arduous editing journey...
Cuts and Additions:
ADDED: warning & Logo
ADDED: Last Impression Logo
CUT: Text opening
ADDED: New text
ADDED: New title
CUT: Roy tumbling through space
ADDED: Roy sitting in a coffee shop
CUT: Voice-over
CUT: Roy floating in space
MOVED FORWARD: Roy’s ear piece communication to take a team down and fix the malfunctioning robotic arm,
I mean you would think the space antenna boss would brief him the job guide before Roy was hanging above the
exosphere and climbing down the antenna's ladder.
CUT: Voice-over during the walk of fandom, the cheesy grin(s) and the geezer flipping the bird. Now Roy
just half smiles at the capsule door operator and confirms whilst walking that he is "heading that way"
which was originally said while climbing down the antenna
CUT: Roy saying “ Thanks for that” to the capsule door operator. It was all very well mannered but
had a sarcastic tone to it.
CUT & RESCORED: Voice-over and as much space noise as possible. Where noise couldn't be removed it has been
dulled down and explosions have been slightly muted. When the surge hits - I have built up the tension using
radio communication only and bringing in music 'Ursa Minor - Visions' an unused track from the OST. This is
played throughout Roy's descent. Wind and parachute noise is reincorporated as Roy enters the Earth's atmosphere.
CUT: Voice-over
TRIMMED: News flash. The reporter no longer mentions the surge or that it's coming from outer-space.
ADDED: Part of a deleted scene of Roy looking out of his bedroom window at the moon.
CUT: General Stroud's saying that General Rivas & Vogel flew all the way in from Virginia
just to see Roy. I can't get my head around a couple of General's fanboying a Major
CUT: General Stroud saying "Fair enough"
CUT & ENHANCED SCORE: Removed the photographs of Roy's Dad, Clifford McBride. (In this edit we don't see
Clifford until the end of the film - we will learn more about Clifford's motif during Roy's Journey)
The score has been enhanced during this scene and the music now comes in later when Roy finds out that his father may still be alive'
CUT: Voice-over and photograph of Clifford on the corridor wall.
CUT: Clifford's video message to Roy.
MOVED BACK: Prelaunch quarantine message in order to cover over Roy's voice-over
CUT: Roy holding photo of Clifford.
CUT: Roy placing photo of Clifford on the table
CUT: Voice-over
CUT: Virgin shuttle announcement that the Moon is borderless and in a state of war. Roy no longer
buys a $125.00 pillow and blanket and no longer gets that refreshing hot towel.
ADDED & RESCORED: Roy and Colonel Pruitt 'Endless Void' Deleted scene
CUT: Voice-over
ADDED: Ambient airport noise.
CUT and REARRANGED dialogue and scenes. No war zone stories, Willie Levant now just says "We will get
you to your spaceship" & "Suit up" no need to mention the hazardous journey to the dark side of the moon
as Colonel Pruitt mentioned the danger to Roy about a minute before during the train journey.
CUT & ENHANCED SCORE: Removed Colonel Pruitt mentioning the big blue marble.Enhanced the score during
the lunar surface journey.
CUT: The Moon Pirate attack.
TRIMMED: Captain Tanner's 'son of a legend' dialogue and Roy mentioning that he would be hitching a ride
CUT: Voice-over
CUT: The dishing out of mood stabilisers and cringeworthy conversation.
CUT: Voice-over along with the jarring profile photo's of Clifford and Roy placing the mood stabiliser
in his pocket.
CUT: Voice-over. Roy senses FL Stanford's spacewalk fear, their is no mention of smelly locker room
CUT: Conversation during the spacewalk to Vesta 9.
RESCORED: 'Erbarme Dich' track added from the OST during the Mars landing sequence
CUT: Voice-over during Mars customs.
CUT: The Photo of Clifford before Roy enters the Mars communication room.
CUT: Voice-over in the comfort room
TRIMMED and REARRANGED Clifford's message at Helen Lantos' residence in order to delay the reveal
of Clifford's identity.
CUT & ENHANCED SCORE: Voice-over during Roy's race to catch the rocket.
CUT: Roy's fight with Yoshida during the hijack scene. Capt. Stanford no longer shoots a gun
inside a spacecraft. The crew now perish because Deavers & Yoshida are propelled through the air during
take off and hit a gas(?) tank which is pierced and ultimately leads to the all of the crew suffocating.
CUT: Voice-over "What have i done" as Roy contemplates the crew's death.
ADDED, CUT, REARRANGED & RESCORED: The journey to Neptune sequence. Removed all visual memories of
Clifford. Rearranged some exterior Cepheus shots. .Rescored with the beautiful track 'Preludium' from the OST.
Added footage of the Cepheus flying past Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in order for the journey to have sense
of being a long haul.
REARRANGED & RESCORED: The flight recorder communication is brought forward.Added two unused shots from later
in the film as Roy prepares to leave the Cepheus to meet his Dad. Added the 'my solitude ends' speech
because its a beautiful scene and allows the viewer to sense that Roy's attitude towards love & companionship
is changing. Added a few sound effects & rescored with 'The Wanderer' from the OST.
CUT & RESCORED: Removed voice-over. As the shuttle leaves the Cepheus I rescored the scene with the
track 'Orbs'from the OST
CUT: Clifford's line about his cataracts.
NEW ENDING: Rescored with 'Event Horizon' from the OST
RESCORED: The closing credits with Tuesday (Voiceless) from OST.
Cover art 1 by Last Impressions (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Cover art 1 by Last Impressions (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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While I was a fan of the film in its original state, I have to admit that this new edit will be my preferred choice from now on when I want to watch the movie. The editing is sharp and really tightens the pace. This edit more than anything else allows the stunning visuals to tell the story. Very well done and can't recommend enough. Definite thumbs up from me.

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