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I came across this fan edit after first seeing the movie in the theater and coming away baffled at how long and how meandering the theatrical versions turned out to be. Moon Pirates? Voice Overs? Space Surfing? This movie had the potential of being a great story about a man being so driven by being abandoned by his father and turning his fear and sorrow into his work to the degree that he lost his ability to touch base with humanity, only to find it again in the solitude of long term space travel in an effort to find and save his father. What he got instead was a overly long movie that didn't know if it wanted to be an action film, a film about losing a spouse due to coldness, or a space adventure.

This fan edit is a wonderful change from the above and created a whole new vision for the film. Now we have an astronaut, so caught up in the pain and loss of his father abandoning him as a child, that he is unable to connect with his wife due to driving that pain and loss into his work. With the opportunity to perhaps find his father, who he thought was dead, and bring him back home, and in the process reconnect with his own humanity and rekindle the relationship with his wife before it's too late, we have a movie that's streamlined and tells a straightforward story.

The fan editing in this edition is utterly flawless. The visuals are perfect as is the audio editing. The choice to rescore the movie for this fan edit was a bold but correct choice and serves it extremely well. Simply put, I feel this is how the movie was meant to be before the filmmakers got sidetracked in the editing room, making far too many baffling editing decisions that lost the focus of the story.

This is now my go to for this film, with the theatrical version being a companion piece only in how not to make the movie. If I could give this fan edit a score higher than 10 across the board, I would, but failing that, I can't recommend this fan edit enough. Well done.

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