Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright - The Blue'n Spiky Collection

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Tagline: Lady justice will be served !

When his boss is brutaly murdered, young rookie attorney Phoenix Wright relies on her precious teaching to catch the killer But the path to the truth isn't the safest, and the arrival of a childhood friend will may test an ancient promise.
Experience a brand new take on the Ace Attorney anime, edited to adapt the DL-6 arc in a single epic movie. This edition features a new soundtrack, reworked visuals and several others surprises. The ultimate anime adaptation of the AA series !This project does not alter the story, but has the purpose to enhances it in many degrees.
Additional Notes:
Sources: The Ace Attorney anime (ep.1-13), Ace Attorney audio sounds from the games and multiples remixes from the original soundtrack, as well as the Gyakuten Saiban live-action movie.
Special Thanks:
-Masirimso17 for his watch and approval.
-ArtistDead for his guidance on the site.
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Editing Details:
This collection edited by Koregan aims to create a cinematic experience with the Ace Attorney anime as a source. The author wants to correct the imperfections of the original material while bringing his personnal vision of the series in a respectful way. This ambitious project is intended to adapt the Phoenix Wright trilogy with special care and to make the qualities of the story shine.
You are currently watching the first volume of a collection of five  !
Cuts and Additions:
General changes  :

Overall new grading to give more depth to the colors.

Murder at Gourd Lake recolorized for better visibility and atmosphere.

Cuts and Additions:

Added a shot with Morgan Fey in the village of Kurain, for better pacing and contextualization.

Moved the DL-6 flashback with Misty Fey summoning Gregory Edgeworth at the beginning.

Added " Stolen Property ", a theme from the Gyakuten Saiban movie.

Added a whispering sound to bring more life to the room..

Added a ghost sound when Misty summons Gregory.

Added a suspenseful sound when Misty has finished her summoning.

Added a psyche lock shot breaking.

Moved Edgeworth's elevator nightmare right after it, to illustrate Gregory's death.

Added " Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright " as the opening title.

Big trimming of the first episode of the anime " The First Turnabout ", to simply introduce Phoenix as a rookie lawyer and to introduce the main characters.

Added a scene with Von Karma talking to Miles Edgeworth, to foreshadow their future appearance.

Removed congratulations from the judge and Mia at the end of the trial.

Removed Phoenix forgetting his bike in court.

Rescored Mia and Maya talking on the phone with the " Sister's Theme " track.

Added the " Jeiler's Elegy" track to the detention center scene.

Added the"Age, Regret, Retribution " track during the meeting between Phoenix and Grossberg.

Added the " Detective Itonoko, Pal " track to the investigation scene with Gumshoes at Fey & Law's office.

Removed the line " He never lost a case. " to Phoenix's Miles Edgeworth exposition scene, to avoid presenting Edgeworth as an unbeatable prodigy, which would diminish the importance of Von Karma's invulnerability.

Recut of the scene where Phoenix asks Maya to take him as a lawyer, with the addition of the track " Heartbroken Maya ". The original was, in my opinion, too romanticized.

Removed the scene where Phoenix rides his bike to court and Edgeworth drives in his car, for a more fluid and sober approach.

Added the «  Objection  » theme from the Gyakuten Saiban movie.

The line " Last time, i had Mia by my side. But today, I have to fight alone to save her sister " has been replaced by «  After years of dreams and hard work, i made it. This is why i became a lawyer in the first place. »

Removed original ending scene of episode 2.

Rescored beginning of the trial with the « Court begins  » track.

Added « Happy People » track when Masha Vril appears.

Removed all Masha Vril's remarks during Edgeworth's statement.

Replaced all the poorly animated shots by better ones from the Steel Samurai case.

Removed the short scene where Phoenix clarifies the fate of Masha after the trial.

Shortened confrontation between Phoenix and Redd White, the arrival of Gumshoes is deleted.

Removed the scene where Phoenix reveals to Maya that he intends to defend himself.

Removed Edgeworth's line "The defense's argument crushed and shattered itself" followed by Phoenix's cry.

Removed Redd White's line about Phoenix's spiky haircut, followed by Maya's encouragement.

Removed the scene where Edgeworth counters all of Phoenix's arguments in front of Redd White.

Rescored the scene of Maya's return to her own body by the " Sister's Theme " of the Gyakuten Saiban movie.
Removed the Steel Samurai arc to keep the focus on the DL-6 case.

Removed Tektiv line about the Steel Samouraï case, which never occurs in this cut.

Added the " Detective Itonoko, Pal " track to the investigation scene with Gumshoes at Gourd Lake.

Added the " Age, Regret, Retribution " track during the second meeting with Grossberg.

Replaced all the poorly animated shots by better ones from deleted content.

Added the « Sister's Theme  » track to the scene with the metal detector at Lac Gourd.

Removed Polly's line " Don't forget DL-6 " when Phoenix and Maya knock on the old's man door, to avoid repetition with later events and preserve surspens.

Removed the shot where Paul jumps into the air and Von Karma's line "Bailiffs, throw this buffoon out at once  !".

Added a landing sound when Paul begins to speak.

Removed the judge's line about the postponement of the trial.

Replaced the shot of Phoenix, Miles and Paul as kids by a shot from episode 13.

Replaced Edgeworth's nightmare with a vision of his father speaking to him before he was killed.

Rescored the scene where Edgeworth tells his nightmare to the court with an arrangement of the « Reminiscnece DL-6 » track.

Replaced the line « It was not the bullet that wounded you. It was truth  !  » by «  That's not it. It's my job to stand for people who have no one else in their corner. I'll do whatever it takes to fight for the truth. That's what a lawyer does ! »

Rescored victory scene with the « Won The Case – First Victory » track.

Rescored Maya's leaving scene with the « Sister's Theme » from the Gyakuten Saiban movie.

Removed Phoenix's line «  Goodbye Maya. I know someday, we will meet again.  »

Added flashback about Phoenix and Miles as kids from episode 13 and rescored it with the «  End  » theme of the first game.

Added the «  Miles Edgeworth choose death  » from end of the episode 13 to conclude the movie.

Ending song replaced by the « End  » theme from the first game.

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I had the privilege of reviewing this edit for Koregan. My friend and I are massive Ace Attorney fans, so I was excited to watch the edit together and we greatly enjoyed it.

Most of the edits in this edit are quite well done. The edit takes much inspiration from the live-action movie, which I honestly greatly prefer to the anime. Structurally, I think the edit works similarly effective.

I have issues with this version of the story, particularly how convoluted and weak they made the final trial of the DL-6 incident and Von Karma, compared to how tense and effective it was in the game and live-action movie. None of this is Koregan's fault however, and I'm not sure how I would fix the anime version as it's all tied together. Nevertheless, Koregan did a great job bringing everything together leanly.

A wonderful debut from Koregan and a worthy addition to the fanedit database. Looking forward to future chapters!
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