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I had the privilege of reviewing this edit for Koregan. My friend and I are massive Ace Attorney fans, so I was excited to watch the edit together and we greatly enjoyed it.

Most of the edits in this edit are quite well done. The edit takes much inspiration from the live-action movie, which I honestly greatly prefer to the anime. Structurally, I think the edit works similarly effective.

I have issues with this version of the story, particularly how convoluted and weak they made the final trial of the DL-6 incident and Von Karma, compared to how tense and effective it was in the game and live-action movie. None of this is Koregan's fault however, and I'm not sure how I would fix the anime version as it's all tied together. Nevertheless, Koregan did a great job bringing everything together leanly.

A wonderful debut from Koregan and a worthy addition to the fanedit database. Looking forward to future chapters!
Owner's reply March 05, 2023

Thanks my friend for putting so much effort to build a so effective and constructive review ! Can't wait to continue my journey on the amazing world of fanedits !
Take care !

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