Ace Attorney: Justice For All (The Blue'n Spiky Collection)

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Approx. 260
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Tagline: What do you stand for ?

As Phoenix travels to Maya's hometown, supernatural forces seem to be doing everything in their power to keep them apart again. Ghosts, a disgraced hero, and a hitman leaving behind an enigmatic card... When chaos invades your world, can you sacrifice your morals to save the people you love ?
Experience a brand new take on the Ace Attorney anime, edited to adapt the the original tirlogy in separated movies. This edition features a new soundtrack, reworked visuals and several others surprises. The ultimate anime adaptation of the AA series ! This project does not alter the story, but has the purpose to enhances it in many degrees.
Other Sources:
The Ace Attorney anime (ep.13-24), Ace Attorney audio sounds from the games and multiples remixes from the original soundtrack, as well as the Gyakuten Saiban live-action movie.
Special Thanks:
- To Lordshebby for his wonderful scores

- To Chowie, my guinea pig !
Release Information:
  • Digital
  • Blu-Ray
Cuts and Additions:
General changes :

Overall new grading to give more depth to the colors adn a more vibrant tone.​

Cuts and Additions:​

The movie begins with the leaving of Miles Edgeworth.

Added a flashback scene from episode 13, when Miles is still a kid.

Added « Ace Attorney : Justice For All » as opening title.

Added the « Kurain Village » theme when Maya enters the room with her students.

Removed a short shot of Morgan, Lotta and Phoenix going to the meditation chamber.​

Removed a short shot of Lotta and Phoenix running to the crime scene after earing the gunshot.​

Added the « Detective Itonoko, Pal » remix (done by LorbSheddy) when Gumshoe ask some questions to investigate.​

Removed short shot of Phoenix and Lotta weirdly rushing to the crime scene.​

Added the « Pearl Fey » theme when Phoenix meet her in the winding way.​

Added the « Trial 2002 » theme from the game when the trial is beginning.​

Added the « Allegro 2002 » theme when Phoenix is objecting to Gumshoe's testimony.​

Trimmed the goofyness of Lotta when entering in the courtroom.​

Added the « Allegro 2002 » theme when Phoenix is objecting about Lotta's testimony.​

Removed the scene where Morgan Fey is calling the police.​

Added the « Trial 2002 » theme to the opening of the second Maya's trial.​

Added the « Allegro 2002 » theme to Phoenix objecting to Ini Minni's testimony.​

Added the « Objection 2002 » theme when Phoenix is accusing Morgan Fey to being an accomplice.​

Added the « Allegro 2002 » theme to Phoenix questionning Ini about her car accident.​

Added the « Pursuit - Questionned » theme when Phoenix is accusing Ini Minni.​

Added the « Reminiscence – Scars Carved By Fire » theme at the end of the trial.​

Removed every mention of the circus case when Gumshoe is talking to Edworth on the phone.​

Added the end of the Steel Samouraï trial to show some time has passed and to introduce Will Powers.​

Added the « Sister's Theme » to the end of the ninjas showcase.​

Removed every mention of Wendy Oldbag having already met Phoenix and Maya before.​

Added a subtle hint of « Shelly De Killer » theme when Maya meets him at the reception.​

Added the « Investigation – Middle 2002 » when Phoenix meets Matt Engarde.​

Added the nightmare scene from the « Lost Turnabout » case, only adapted in the season 2 of the anime, to illustrate Phoenix's inner turmoil.​

Trimmed the returns of Miles Edgeworth to make it more sober and less over-the-top.​

Added the « Great Revival » theme when Phoenix sees Edgeworth taking Von Karma's place.​

Replaced a lot of shots by better animated ones to get rid of the clunky animation.​

Added « Shelly De Killer » theme when Phoenix enters in Engarde house to feed his cat and when he meets De Killer.​

Trimmed and modified the reveal scene of Engarde to give it a more sinister tone and get rid of the over-the-tone villain characterization.​

Added the « Core – Investion 2001 » theme to the scene.​

Added the « Objection 2002 » theme when Phoenix is cornering De Killer in court.​

Added the « Pursuit - Questionned » theme to the final objection of Phoenix and Edgeworth to defeat De Killer.​

Replaced a lot of shots to make the scene more epic and to add some good animated shots from the opening.​

Shortened Engarde breakdown, so he don't tears his face apart twice but only once. It's more than enough !​

Removed Edgeworth mentionning his perfect career before meeting Phoenix again, since he was no more an all mighty prodigy in the Volume I of this collection.​

Added the « We Won The Case – Another Victory » theme when Phoenix and Maya meet again.​

Added the « Sister's Theme » remix done by Lordshebby to the ending scene.​

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