A Nightmare on Friday the 13th

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A Nightmare on Friday the 13th
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This version of FREDDY vs JASON restores several deleted scenes, removes some over-the-top comedic moments, fixes mistakes and brings the movie closer in quality to the best installments of both classic slasher franchises.
As a fan of 80's slasher movies, it was a guarantee that I would enjoy a crossover movie that brought Freddy Krueger against Jason Voorhees. However, as the years following the movie's release went by, I noticed that many elements associated with the late 90's/early oo's resurgence in slasher movies were bringing the movie down. There was too much silly humor, bad CGI and obnoxious music, all reminiscent of the early 2000's horror.

My intention is to try and make the movie feel less of its time, take itself more seriously, and bring it closer to what a meet-up between these two horror icons should be.
Other Sources:
Harry Manfredini's original soundtrack for the documentary CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
- add intro quote
- extend Freddy getting burned by the parents of Springwood
- replace close-up of Freddy's mouth with shots of hellscape
- add partial deleted scene: Camp Crystal Lake counselor
- fix continuity error: moving lamp on dock
- fix continuity error: counselor's hand on dock
- replace dead counselors morphing with previous Jason victims
- cut Mrs Voorhees morphing back into Freddy + mix in Betsy Palmer voice
- replace title card & music

- longer shot of 1428 Elm Street
- trim Kia and Lori's conversation about Will
- add partial deleted scene: Gibb & Trey in room
- cut exposition about Lori's mother
- cut Gibb body double in the shower
- cut wide shot of Trey getting stabbed by Jason
- trim Gibb screaming after finding Trey's body

- add deleted scene: introduction to Will & Mark
- fix continuity error: Will's hand
- trim Lori waking up in the police station
- cut Freddy talking to himself after attacking Blake
- fix Jason stopping his swing when killing Blake
- fix continuity error: Mark mooning security guard + cut stock fart sound effect
- add deleted scene: Lori's father takes her home

- cut Kia's rant at school
- add partial deleted scene: Mark and Will sneaking in the school
- cut Kia mocking Linderman
- add "Nightmare on Elm Street" theme when Lori describes Freddy to her friends
- cut Will telling Mark "You're scaring her"
- cut Freddy's "Got your nose" + speed up Kia getting her nose ripped off

- add partial deleted scene: picking up Lori + trim Mark and Will's handshake
- cut Will asking about Lori's father
- recolor boiler room + fix hand visible before Gibb falls off the walkway
- cut Freddy saying "Oh" after Gibb lands
- cut Shack's "Why don't you go find yourself a pig to fuck"
- cut Jason making the dead raver fall by poking him
- trim and alter shots of Jason on fire to hide obvious firesuit
- cut Shack running out of the cornfield with his mouth closed to hold fake blood
- cut raver throwing beer at Jason + replace his dying groans

- trim Kia and Lori mourning Gibb
- cut Lori asking her Dad about her mother's death
- re-order Mark's scenes + trim Freddy appearing in bathroom mirror
- trim Mark's brother as Freddy + cut snakes at Mark's feet
- trim Freddy's dialogue+ cut Mark popping back up before getting slashed

- fix continuity error: Sheriff's cigar
- cut Lori's "Freddy died by fire, Jason by water" and suggesting going after Freddy first
- cut Kia's "We're not safe awake or asleep"
- fix Freddy's bendy claw when attacking Lori
- add deleted scene: splitting up
- add partial deleted scene: coma patient + trim Lori and Will's dialogue
- cut Freddy-caterpillar squeezing down Freeburg's throat
- fix pre-broken console before Deputy Stubbs' death
- cut Freddy/Freeburg's "Let me handle this, bitch"
- cut echo of Freddy's “These are my children, Jason. Go back where you belong!”

- reorder Jason's dreams + recolor boiler room
- cut Freddy's "Not my arm!" + cut Freddy's jerk off motion
- trim Freddy slamming Jason like a pinball
- cut CGI travel into Jason's brain + trim Freddy's goofy "Ohhhh!"
- recolor Jason's Crystal Lake memory/dream
- cut Freddy as Camp Counselor

- cut Lori's "It was you!" + Freddy's "Welcome to my world bitch"
- fix missing crate on Jason's foot when he crashes through the cabin
- cut shot of Will carrying an unconscious Lori where her arm stays upright
- trim obvious prosthetic arm when Lori's hand falls in the fire
- add partial deleted scene: lead-up to the fight + trim Freddy kicking Jason in the groin
- trim Linderman and Kia's final exchange
- cut Freddy's indecision over killing Lori or Kia + trim "Dark meat"
- trim Kia taunting Freddy and her death

- cut Freddy's "Man the torpedoes"
- trim fake blood spurting from Jason's wounds
- cut one shot of the cement mixer dangling
- fix boxers visible on Freddy dangling from equipment + trim him screaming "Nooo!"
- fix Freddy slicing Jason's fingers off + grabbing rubber machete
- fix regular skin visible on Freddy during dock fight
- cut Lori's “Welcome to my world, bitch!” +- fix obvious fake head before Freddy's decapitation
- fix Jason's visible eyes when sinking in the lake
- replace songs in credits
Title Sequence

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(Updated: September 02, 2020)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Although I am a fan of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and having seen all Freddy's movies, I didn't see "Freddy vs. Jason" upon release due to the bad critics. I almost forgot about the movie, but after discovering The Butcher's cut I decided to give it a chance, hoping for a cut mending all the not so good moments of the original movie.

As a first time watch, I think it was really good. I couldn't find anything out of place. After the movie finished, I looked at the changes made and did a quick look at the original version to compare, and saw big differences. The opening sequence, the goofy CGI removed, the OST, the recolor of some scenes... everything was so much better than the original making an enjoyable cut of a so and so movie.

I would have kept some of the sassy comments by Freddy though. I think he should say "bitch" so much more, but that is just my opinion.

Thank you for letting me see your cut!

Audio/Video Quality: 10
Awesome quality and two different versions 10gb and 20gb. I saw the latter and it was flawless.

Visual Editing: 10
The film looks so much better without the goofy CGI and some weird choices of scenes that have been cut from the edit leaving a cleaner version. All the cuts, trims and deleted scenes are perfectly incorporated in the movie and nothing seems out of place.

Audio Editing: 10
Perfect too, especially the change in some parts incorporating the original scores from the classics.

Narrative: 10
Well structured. Not a single complaint.

Enjoyment: 10
I really enjoyed the movie for what it is, a mindless slasher. That is what is was looking for, and looking at the changes I feel it is much better than the original.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
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Freddy vs Jason is at its core, a botched if well meant team-up of 2 of the greatest horror villains in cinema history. It was in development hell for years and went through numerous different scripts before director Ronny Yu came on board to turn Damian Shannon and Mark Swift's version into reality. The results, for what is basically a ridiculous concept, were quite fun to sit through in the cinema, but on repeat viewings have at least for me dwindled somewhat. Yu tries to instill an energy to the picture, but the whole concept is pretty stupid - and is highlighted by some heavy exposition from Freddy himself at the start of the film. I suppose it is a "vs" movie, so therefore what should one expect? Anyway, I was intrigued to see what The Butcher could bring to the table, as he's a very talented editor whose work I have admired in the past.

One of the clear intentions with the edit was to cut back on some of the more over the top humor from Freddy. This is definitely a good move, as in the theatrical cut Freddy in all honesty feels very much like the version Englund played in the risible Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare. Overall, The Butcher succeeds with this balancing act here, although personally I would have gone even further and stripped it back further still - however, that's not taking anything away from a job well done.

The biggest plus point I felt, was the use of flashbacks from previous Friday the 13th films, instead of the awful CGI morphing camp counselors. This was executed superbly - to the point where you would never know that it was not part of the film in the first place. Indeed, my wife, who had never seen the film, had no clue and when I told her, she agreed it was seamlessly done.

Quality wise, everything is spot on. I watched the large 20GB+ MKV file and it looked excellent. The visual edits and audio edits are perfect, as one would expect from a skilled editor like this.

So, why only 8/10 for enjoyment? That's purely down to the film itself. Even with the various improvements, Freddy vs Jason is still a very clunky film. Still, it's a big improvement from the theatrical cut and I would still highly recommend it as I had a blast watching it on a Friday night. Now, if only you had cut Freddy's wink to the camera at the end - I might have pushed the score higher ;)
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I have to say that I very much enjoyed this edit and I'm sure it will be my go to version of Freddy vs Jason in the future. The intention was to make the movie take itself at least a little more seriously and I think that that was accomplished.

There were definitely some changes I absolutely loved. The flashbacks to previous F13 movies was a nice touch. The new title card looks amazing and having a simple title card replace the over the top graphics of the original intro was a very welcomed change. Replacing the dated music from that with a great piece from the original score really helped set the tone for the movie right out of the gate. Mark's death scene has been significantly trimmed from its original form and its totally for the best. Proof that sometimes less is very much more. All the cringe inducing lines that I can think of have been eliminated without any noticeable cuts. Kia taunting Freddy has been SIGNIFICANTLY trimmed which is great and very much warranted but it does unfortunately make the scene seem off a bit. Definitely the lesser of two evils though.

The reason for the 9 on visual editing is simply because I feel that there were a few deleted scenes edited in a bit awkwardly. A deleted scene introducing Will and Mark is then followed by an establishing shot and then right back to Will and Mark. A conversation between Will and Mark in interrupted by Kia picking up Laurie and then it's instantly back to Will and Mark still having the same conversation. This made these scenes seem very distracting to me. Everything else was edited wonderfully without me noticing any cuts made by the editor.

I do find it hard sometimes watching a fanedit as a fan editor because a part of me is like "why did you delete this" or "why did keep this?" That of course all just comes down to personal taste and obviously there's no right answer for what should be cut and what shouldn't. With this edit there was literally only one other thing I wish had been deleted and that is Jason throwing the raver 60ft in the air. Always seemed a bit cartoonish to me.

A truly great edit that takes a very dated and flawed film and brings a lot more quality into it. Highly recommended for fans of either franchise or horror in general. Great work!
Owner's reply June 26, 2020

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the new opening! I tend to agree with your points about the deleted scenes but I was somewhat limited by the editing of the actual movie.

For instance, the conversation between Mark and Will in the van is split in two in the theatrical version as well, but instead of cutting to Lori and her friends, it cuts to...a useless outside shot of the van.

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