A Clockwork Orange: Ludovico Edition

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Brief Synopsis:
A fan edit that condenses Kubrick's film into a more feasable sub-90 minutes. This is the first in a series of Kubrick shortening edits.
I've always felt that while Kubrick made good films, they were always bogged down by unnecessary filler, resulting in bloated runtimes. My aim for this edit was to reduce my favourite of his films into a 90 minute version.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Only things that aren't important to the story were removed.
Cuts and Additions:
The cuts are as follows:

TV executives in Korova Bar
Alex walking back to his house at night
Alex listening to Beethoven
Alex's Mom waking Alex for school
Alex talking to Mr Deltoid
Alex having sex with the two girls
Alex at the police interrogation room
Alex gettting checked into the prison
Entire sequence of Alex at the library imagining and talking to the priest
Alex in the Governor's office
Alex getting sent to the Ludovico centre
Alex receiving an injection
The parents and the nurse visiting Alex at the hospital

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