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2008 - 2012
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Marvel: Unite takes the MCU Infinity Saga films and splits them into a TV series format with hour-long episodes. Each episode has a multi-narrative structure featuring scenes from various different movies, all inter-cut together. The series roughly tries to mirror the theatrical experience, with the films placed in their intended release order with little content added or removed, just restructured to be more approachable and more "binge-able."
My main goal is to make the MCU more approachable, with the movies neatly interwoven in hour-long chunks. Nobody has to dedicate an entire evening solely to watching weaker MCU films like Thor: The Dark World. Instead, Inter-cutting between the various narratives allows them each to breathe and keeps everything fresh.

Plot points are revealed in more or less the way they were meant to be revealed, with the films roughly following release order. Many MCU edits I've found are in chronological order, which die-hard fans may find interesting, but I don't think it's the overall best way to watch it.

There are also very few deleted scenes or extras added. My intention is less to expand on or to fix the MCU, but rather to just reformat the content everyone already loves. Plotlines are occasionally shifted for pacing purposes or to make the episodic format more cohesive.

A lot of attention was given towards giving each episode a cohesive arc with proper pacing. I also focused a lot on high-quality sourcing and a proper rendering pipeline, using the UHD Blu-rays to create a 4K HDR version with lossless 5.1 audio.
Other Sources:
The Avengers (2012) OST
Special Thanks:
My wife
ArtisDead for overseeing my submission and helping me get started in this community
INIGHTMARES, NOTFLIX, and lantern51 for feedback during the submission process
Release Information:
Special Features
Available in 2160p with HDR, DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio, and English subtitles.
1080p versions also available.
Editing Details:
Overall changes:
- 5 movies are cut into 10 hour-long episodes
- Each episode begins with a "ducko" logo, a cold open sequence, and the Phase 2 Marvel Studios logo as an intro.
- Each episode ends with a "Marvel Unite" titlecard and custom abbreviated credits.
- Post-credit scenes that are critical to the plot are always inserted before any end credits.
- Episode 1 begins with a flash forward of the Avengers Initiative to better connect the origin stories. This is comprised of two deleted scenes from The Avengers (2012) along with some extra shots from Iron Man and Captain America: The First Avenger.
The Incredible Hulk (2008) is not respresented in this edit. This film does not really contribute to the narrative of the Infinity Saga and does not connect well to the other MCU films. The Avengers does a decent job of introducing Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, anyway.
Cuts and Additions:
Iron Man:
- Title card and credits removed.
- Opening flash forward scene with Tony in the Humvee is moved back to where it happens chronologically
- One shot of Las Vegas award ceremony is cropped to remove "6 Months Earlier" text, new text added that instead says "4 Years Earlier."
- During the presentation about Tony Stark's life, a photoshopped picture of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark replaces the original photo of John Slattery as Howard Stark, to better connect this film with Captain America: The First Avenger.
- Establishing shot at Afghanistan air base is removed. Establishing text added to next shot.
- When Tony arrives at the base in Afghanistan, a couple of crowd voices calling out for "Tony" and "Mr'. Stark" were added so that this scene connects with the preceding scene with Howard Stark from Captain America: The First Avenger. These sound clips were sourced from Iron Man 3.
- A short scene where Tony talks to Rhodey in an airplane hangar was cut.
- A shot of Tony holding his old arc reactor that Pepper gifted him is slowed down for better pacing.
- Final shot of Tony at the press conference is slowed down slightly.
- Post-credits with Nick Fury is pushed back chronologically to directly before Fury's appearance in Iron Man 2.

Captain America: The First Avenger:
- Title card and credits removed.
- Opening flash forward scene with searchers finding Cap's shield in the ice is moved back to where it should be chronologically, as a teaser that Cap will soon wake up.
- In order to establish the 1940s time period, this film starts with the World War II film reel/movie theater scene, with "1943, New York City" text added. The first scene with Steve where he fails to be recruited in the Army is moved back to be used as a flashback while he is getting beat up in the alley.
- Early scenes with Red Skull and HYDRA are moved until after Steve discovers HYDRA, preventing the introduction of too many plot threads at once.
- Howard Stark's presentation at the World Expo is reworked so that his name is announced at the end of the scene rather than the beginning, which serves to connect the scene with the scene from Iron Man that follows it, where his son Tony also gives a tech presentation.
- Post-credits with Steve boxing in the gym is removed, as it is already present in The Avengers.

- Title card and credits removed.
- This film starts in episode 2 to allow episode 1 to focus on the parallels between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.
- The first and second acts are reversed to avoid a jarring cut to frost giants in outer space. All scenes on Asgard are pushed back, so we only see Thor from Jane's perspective on Earth. Once Thor breaks into the SHIELD facility and fails to pick up his hammer, we then have a flashback episode of his background on Asgard.
- Scenes with Loki assuming power on Asgard are pushed back to serve as a side story while Thor is imprisoned at the SHIELD facility, culminating in him reuniting with Loki.
- Post-credits with Dr. Erik examining the Tesseract under Loki's control is cut, as the scene is confusing and undercuts Loki's arrival on Earth in The Avengers.

Iron Man 2:
- Opening credits, title card, and ending credits removed.
- Cold open with Ivan Vanko becoming whiplash is pushed back to introduce him directly before he appears in Monaco, with careful editing to connect it with a later scene, using a few shots from the opening credits sequence.
- Scenes with Whiplash meeting Justin Hammer are moved back to work better with the episodic format.
- A scene where Agent Coulson talks to Tony while he is building the particle accelerator is cut, as Coulson is supposed to already be in New Mexico, and appears in Thor scenes in the same episode. Coulson unfortunately still appears in an earlier scene in Tony's living room and could not cleanly be edited out, but his lines of dialog for this scene are removed.
- The two scenes of Tony building the particle accelerator are cut together, and one shot of the accelerator is sped up.
- Ending scene with the Senator has a few shots trimmed and the audio re-worked so the song can end as it cuts to black
- Post-credits with Agent Coulson discovering Thor's hammer is removed, as this already appears in Thor (2011).

The Avengers:
- Title card and credits removed.
- Mostly left as is, just cut in half into two episodes.
- Mid-credits Thanos scene is moved to before the end credits.
- Two deleted scenes with Maria Hill being interrogated about Nick Fury are combined to serve as a flash forward to the Avengers Initiative in Episode 1. The scenes are reworked so that Maria Hill seems less critical of Nick Fury. The scenes are also upscaled to 4K through Topaz AI.
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