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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
January 19, 2009

Here’s my review for the 2nd True Fanedit project: Zombie Consecution.

:) As always I mean no personal disrespect or bias to the editor if I present a unfavorable review. I just like what I like, and dislike what I dont… :)

3Raz0r – Diary of a dying man : (3 stars) I liked the concept, but found the scenes from the movie distracting when compared to the “dairy” scenes. (3 stars)

Horrorgrind – The Virus: I loved the campyness of the source material but the second half feels tacked on and doesnt add much continuity to the short other than showing the virus has spread. (3 star)

Mollo – Das Zombie: I liked the visual effects/sound work but was very confused by this one as well there was too much jumping around and IMO Gabriel Byrne’s character could have easily been omitted (2 star)

CBB – Vodoo Island: I just didnt care for this one very much. Nothing was particularly wrong with it but other than the classic eye gouge scene this one bored me. (2 stars).

Blueyoda – Dead Awake: This was one of the standouts for me, so many different sources combined to make a thrilling new experience that was both coherent and entertaining (5 stars)

Aztek463 – School’s in Session: a fun subplot from RE2. well edited (3 stars)

ThrowgnCpr – Dawn of the Millennium: interesting but having never watched the show millenium i was a little confused. (2 stars)

Tranzor – In 20 Seconds: Another one that I was unfamiliar with the source material as well as the short story. Interesting but not my cup of tea (2 stars)

Stomachworm – 2 Against the World: I didnt have any problems with the editing because of the grainy/choppy source material. I am a fan of planet terror so I enjoyed this one even if it didnt surprise me at all. (3 star)

Uncanny Antman – Surviving an Undead Uprising: The second gem in this collection. Well edited and highly entertaining. It didnt hurt that I am a huge ‘Harvey Danger’ fan either! (5 stars)

Overall Score: 3/5

The 3 bonus materials were a nice addition to a stellar DVD package. The DVD art, layout and menu work really looks great. Kudos to ThrowgnCpr’s and Mollo’s hard work.

Like Boon mentioned in his review, after Batman Consecution I expected more from this one. Many of the edits presented here were just re-edited subplots taken from single films which really wasnt very impressive. I liked them all but preferred the edits that drew from multiple sources to make something new.

Regardless of my personal views and opinions I was still entertained by this project and appreciate and applaud every participants hard work. I never like to criticize things that I myself cannot do half as well, but honesty is the best policy. Hopefully I can churn something semi-respectable out for Consecution 3. :)
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