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March 23, 2009 @ 11:23 pm

Let me preface this by saying I mean no disrespect to the editor, I merely am commenting on what I watched and intend these comments and criticisms to be taken in a constructive manner :)


X-Men Trilogy is a fanedit combining all 3 X-Men films into 1 4hr movie. There’s not much more to it than that. Wraith has done a great job of removing all the nonsense and repetitive scenes to create a 4hr epic X-Men film that flows quite well as a single story.


Successfully condenses the storylines into one film without sacrificing anything pivotal.

Great way to view the trilogy if you are a fan of the originals and want a single epic version.

Relatively seamless editing throughout.


The Image quality was less than stellar, and since its on a DL DVD that still has 3GB’s worth of unused space, I was less than impressed with the video quality. the extra space could easily have been devoted to a higher video bitrate. (The worst example I can site is the Wolverine/Lady Deathstrike fight from X2. it just looked very grainy and pixelized)

AC3 2.0 audio was adequate but a full 5.1 upscale would have been nice and like the video, there's plenty of free space on the DVD 9 to accommodate it.

There were a few errors/glitches/oddities that I noticed, many are minor but I will still mention them here if the editor attempts another revision:

at 5:32 there is what appears to be some text that briefly appears right as the opening credits are ending.

there is a video glitch in the transition at 10:30 from rogue outside to wolverine inside

Just before Jean uses ‘Cerebro’ a 20 second scene repeats at 55:44 where Psyclops is talking to the comatose Professor X about taking care of the Xmen should he not make it – I doubt this was intentional

in X2, the removal of the scene showing Mistique injecting the “metal” into the security guards ass made Magnetos escape from prison a bit confusing. Its hard to Imagine “too much iron in your blood” being the soul cause for his escape.

The end credits had many odd transitions and were running too fast to actually read. Suggest removing them altogether or slowing it down some.


Despite my “cons” observations may suggest; overall I enjoyed this edit because I hadn't seen the Xmen series in a few years and it was nice to watch them all together as one film.
Kudos Wraith on a great job maintaining a cohesive narrative throughout 3 different films.


Video Quality – 6/10 It could be better especially since there was so much free space available on the DVD-9

Video Editing – 8/10 a few minor quibbles but overall very nice work.

Audio Quality – 8/10 the 2.0 Sounded fine but the inclusion of 5.1 would have been welcome

Audio Editing – 9/10 no problems/hard cuts

Entertainment – 8/10 I still got the same enjoyment from this edit (if not more) and I didnt have to sit through 6 hrs of film.

DVD Presentation – 5/10 Static menus and Bonus trailers looked good. No Scene selection Screen. No additional Cover or Disc art available.

Total – 7.5/10
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