X-Men: Trilogy

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X-Men: Trilogy
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This true fanedit condenses the X-Men movies to one long lasting action ride: less childish humor, a lot less repetitious exposition, more violence, more character depth for highly increased tension.
This fanedit was created to get the best possible movie from the X-Men trilogy following the original plots. The removal of repetitious exposition and of the childish humor greatly adds to the narrative. By expanding the Jean Grey subplot and allowing more character development the audience gets more attached to the X-Men. And by including more violence and re-organizing action sequences a lot more tension is guaranteed.
Special Thanks:
I have been inspired by the Phantom Editor.
Using techniques described by the Phantom Editor I have attempted to recraft the Xmen trilogy into this.
I am grateful to all the comments and suggestions which led me to further polish this to where it is
especially Boon 23 who’s never ending support and candid comments make me see the error of my ways (and ditch the unworkable even if I love it - THANKS)
Release Information:
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Special Features
Introduction, Trailer, New ending, About this fanedit
Cuts and Additions:

1. New WRAITH opening and New Fox Logo
2. Hybrid new opening titles combining X1,2 and 3 plus deleted scenes and credits and all opening narations edited down.
3. Barn door custom open and new caption to Washington.
4. John Ottman Score added to speech opening.
5. Opening WW2 Flashback deleted, now told as a reveal in Magneto thread to mirrow Wolverene and enhance his anger.
6. Film opens with Jean Gray flashback from X3 since that is what all 3 films are about.
7. Washington speech shortened removing telepathic reveal that is more dramatic in first Xavier/magneto chat
8. Washington speech split with cut at correct script point to Rogue reveal.
9. Magneto Xavier first chat with new flashback to WW2. 1st of 4. No reveal yet John Ottman underlytin music X2.
10. Rogue reveal trimmed twice to keep dramatic tension and clipped early.. Score segue from X2.
11. Switch to divided congressional speech with new music segue.
12. Wolverine fight re-instated (deleted in v1) but trimmed as per Requiem War
13. TV news trimmed to remove needless over exposition of Ellis Island
14. Split Senator flight, moving first half to follow Magneto “test”comment to speed pace. Chat trimmed in 2 places to remove duplication and redundancy.
15. Magneto flashback added to Sabertooth chat. Sabertooth rendered mute for the whole film.
16. Interspersed with Xavier scoole reveal and baco to Chooper fight.
17. Wolverine examination set to X”2 music and duplication of Wolverine amnesia and powers removes with right head turn edit point (lucky)
18. Post toad eating bird, senators disgust edited out. Childish!
19. Repetitive exposition removed and “who are you people” is he a complete idiot…he hates mutants..Kitty is re-instated (V1 deleted) though different actress.so the blue chick and green fellow must be…???
20. Jean Gray telepathy on Wolverine incl extra shot of Striker to tie into X2
21. Wolverine Flash 2, insert x-rays from X3 and another striker shot.
22. Rogue / Mystique guard chat moved up to follow liquid senator escape
23. Senator Transformation inter spliced with final Magneto reveal
24. Slight reordering at whiteout to correct continuity error
25. Beach Liquid senator follow Xavier chat with Cyclops, jellyfish close up removed (patronizing)
26. Segue from Magneto jail to rogue
27. Motorcycle cheese speed up like batman cut down to credible shots only
28. Redundant rogue exposition removed on train and music segue added to maintain tension
29. Mother’s patronizing line to kid on smiling at Cyclops removed. Preaching to kids in audience…NO WAY
30. Sabertooth line to Storm in station removed. Childis and more speaking effective when Xavier controls.
31.Toads line to Sabertooth “quit playing around” removed. These are the bad guys not James bond
32. Magneto “young people”jibe removed. Makes him more ruthless.
33. Sabertooth and Mystique boat attack cut. Superfluous and pacing. How boat is taken hinted at when Rogue sees dead crewman.
34. Magneto speech trim “small consolation”. Out of place
35. Cyclops plan redundancy removed, and VFX swapped and Wolverine stares at storm not cyclops
36. Music X2 added to briefing to maintain tension, fades out in jet on “yellow spandex”
37. coast guard jibe about storm removed
38. Cyclops blasting toad goop off Jean deleted. Obviously added as after thought since overview shot she is still struggling. Clearly Cyclops peels off as you presume. This removes continuity error and speeds pacing.
39. Toads line to storm in fight removed
40. Ellis Island opening trimmed. One section removed and ref to USA removed. Superheroes are Global not just American.
41. Storms 2 lines to Toad removed. This is not James Bond and it makes her sadistic, which there has been no hint off. Save that for Jean Gray.
42. Mystique “storm” Q to Wolverine no useful. Removed. Then confusion is better set up for reveal.
43. “we saw the senator” cut. Leads nowhere
44. Terrible Matrix style swing on the Statue spokes deleted.
45. Sabertooth “you owe me a scream” deleted. Now more menacing

X1 – X2 Bridge

46. Xavier asks Wolverine if saying goodbye, cut to Rogue but no news broadcast with Mystique reveal. Reveal Later in White house
47. Xavier Magneto end chat trimmed and cut to White house tour.
48. Establishing shot of White house from Independence day flared and inter cut to X2 White house log.
49. Tour guide intro removed for pacing
50. Entire museum sequence deleted. redundant, patronizing, cheesy and Xavier new power more dramatically revealed at end of this section.
51. Additional Music cue from X 3 used to bridge sequence and flash plus sound added.


52. White house Fight the same but new music bridge from X2 used to segue into “who attacked” at Xavier school which now follows White house.
53. Xavier Chat cuts out early and straight to Striker intro. Knife punch hole scene used later to more sinister effect.
54. Chat cuts out early on “what do you have planned” to increase mystery and suspense. leaves an impled hole.
55. Segue to Wolverine at Alkalai lake with inserted deleted scene from X3 to establish trip.. Avoids to quick a resolution.
56. Newly constructed Alkalai lake flashback removed on final edit.
57. Finger cracking split, second part here to reestablish White house and chat about X plane in school. Underscored with additional music
58. Scene with striker plan to raid school dropped to later point to create more dramatic thrust later and increase mystery and sinister striker.
59. Iceman handshake trimmed to remove “call me iceman” His talent is obvious, and reveal is otherwise patronizing.
60. Cerebro scene trimmed to remove redundant exposition with first film overlap.
61. Cerebro slash in colour corrected to match latter part of sequence in Red.
62. Dialogue reposition and one scene plays in reverse to correct continuity.
63. Xaviers exposition of Logan’s Skeleton removed as a repetition and redundant.
64. Washington Archive sequence deleted. No need to know about Cerebro 2 yet. magneto reveals later.
65. Deletion of this section also removes anomalous sub-plot with prison guard that leads nowhere since Magneto escapes so Mystique attack in bar on guard also deleted.
66. Segue directly to extended jet sequence showing Jeans powers on increasing leading to X3. Music from X3 added. Dialogue fade from Theatrical to Deleted scene
67. Deleted scene trimmed to remove humor which diminishes Jeans reinstated moment.
68. Cut to Boston to maintain momentum with new Washington pan shot from JFK.
69. Striker plan inter cut with Nightcrawler would to establish connection and imminent attack on school
70. Wolverine and Insomniac kid scene deleted
71. Wolverine chat re: parents not knowing he is at Mutant school.
72. troops sneak in on Insomniac kid Cut
73. Attack begins with Helicopter approach and immediate gunfight.
74. Wolverine extended violent on camera scream added from deleted scenes.
75. Combined 2 driving escaper scenes to one and removed music mistake. Now beacon activation is deliberate.
76. Short interim troops crate drop in School basement dropped.
77. Mystique metal sequence injection deleted. Scanner would pick this up. Only credible solution is a Hemoglobin based magneto escape.
78. Magneto Escape moved up to allow time for him to be in the forest later.
79. Magneto escape deletes the reference to Mystique. Too much iron left in as sarcastic sick humor which is how it plays anyway.
80. Clothes dressing at bobby’s cut.
81. Jet sequence with Nightcrawler moved up and end of Nightcrawler speech cut.
82. Remainder of sequence prior to attack at Bobby’s unified and shortened. Cheesy lines deleted and tension increased by reordering.
83. Nightcrawler “could take close look” cut
84. After woods magneto speech segue to Alkalai Lake
85. First part of now split Straiker to Xavier reveal with “controlling them” line from Xavier cross fades to Wolverine to re-enforce Striker previous control of him
86. Cut to Wolverine and Jean, trim link and new audio segue to
87. Second half of striker Xavier cut to mystique/or jet fly off
88. Jet Crash segues directly to Magneto chat in forest cutting out rogue chat to Wagner
89. He’s at Alkalai Lake segeus directly to Alkalai lake, relocating Logan/Jean kiss
90. Cut to first half of Striker/ Xavier interrogation now split into 2 segments. Segue to Control of Deathstrike to Wolverine implying relatinoship to Striker.
91. Cut to second half of Xavier Striker deleting Mystique seduction which serves not plot prupose, only SPFX
92 Delete part of hologram exposition re inserting later dialogue to earlier part of sequence. Storms line delivered over shoulder now.
93. Magneto intervention on Wolverine going deleted, keeping character firm and mystique shot cut but music kept over Logan as if formulating a plan
94. Insert a shot not used due to earlier deletion of Nightcrawler looking which no appears to be at Wolverine.
95. Shot playback reversed to get more affective head shake.
96. Wolverine approach down spill way trimmed, and so is Strike view and dialogue in 2 places.
97. Insert cc TV reverse played to situate striker viewing.
98. Explosion at control room cut to commet that mutants have entered the base cutting out “sergeant” to improve audio segue
99. Cerebro entrance trimmed and reedited so no vocal speaking. They are supposed to be telepathic for crying out loud!
99. Cut to Magneto, Mystique and Jean on walk
100. Extended Deathstrike/Wolverine fight from Deleted scenes and not interrupted by Pyro walking off.
101. Control room discussion and Strike instructing Jason deleted for pacing and redundancy
102. Pyro leave plane moved to hear. “you always do what you’re told” cuts well to Xavier being controlled.
103. 2 mutant kill build ups combined. WE GET IT YOU KNOW!!
104. Magnetos levitation pointless in Cerebro 2 so cut. Plan is not exposed yet, scene trimmed early
105. Striker losing altered. The 2 cerebro human kills combined and not zoom to Striker.
106. Striker zoom reversed and relocated.
107. President headache removed.
108. “kurt Wagner” line removed from climax
109. “hello” ends the entry to Cerebro 2, since Kurts line daft having just been told not to believe anything.
110. The 2 find humans combined and water gush moved up to remind of impending disaster and increas tension.
111. Wolverine / Striker end chat removed. Does not further this plot, and jet now goes to DC (deleted Scene)
112.. Speech to president has redundant ” we are mutants” removed… DERR…we all know and so does the Commander in Chief by now.
113. End of White house sequence plays over music and looks down to notes and segues to the office

X2 – X3 Bridge

114. Music added to Xavier discussing Jean to give scene continuity to X3 bridge
115. End of X” in corridor now with Cyclops and Wolverine, no cut back to class room


120. New “3 months” caption and music segue to Storm and Xavier in corridor discussing changes
121. Pissed off Storm removed. Classroom opening relocated for better use.
122. Pissed off Rogue moved to to hear, Cyclops mourning delayed to distance from end of X2
123. Hank introduced at the school to better effect, but “i hear you are quite an animal” removed.
124.. announcement of cure and Xavier line removed. Cure announcement delayed.
125. Mourning Cylops plays now over “dark phoenix” theme and cuts straight to corridor walk-off making it more immediate.
126. Now cut to Mutant Affairs HQ straight to Mystique interrogation since we know she is already captured due to Hank’s comments to Xavier and Storm.
127. “homo sapiens” comment cut to relocated classroom scene with Xavier talking about responsible mutant power which workd better given relocated interrogation.
128. Mutant power speec has “telepathic” desctiption removed, too patronizing, and “Einstein” piece with class removed. The kid is precocious..is that a mutant power?
129. In order to justify Xavier being distracted, “scitt” call from jean inserted which foretells the next Jean related scene.
130. Better use of Xavier scene than storm being pissed off which is deleted since scene was only to remind us of her powers.
131. Cut to Briefing at Mutant HQ, removing the line “good morning Mr President” since he is a different bloke. This will be done throughout.
133. Interrogation extensively reedited and restricted to Magneto and mobile prisons removing the cure refs which we already know about.
134. Mobile prisons comment cuts straight to mobile prison, which is dramatically more effective.
135. Mr President is anonymized with line removal and guard uses stronger language lifted from deleted scenes.
136. Cut to Worthington Labs and announcement using alternate view from DVD documentary to remove a lot of president in the White house.
137. Deleted scene where Pyro tells Magneto about cure added approach for bearded take, segue to clean shaven take
138. Relocated Angel cure sequence to extended Magneto rescue gap. Sequence reedited at to allow music segue. Plus extra school shot
139. “who would want this cure” re-located to here.
140. As per movie to Mutant church sequence with new music underscore and removal of superfluous refs to Magneto’s power after he leaves stage.
141. Mutant Lab scene moved to hear, new audio and music segue constructed from Helicopter Audio from Deleted X2 dream to make sequence and music work.
142. Cyclops at lake continues until Alkalai Lake superflous dialogue removed. “you don’t want to be hear” and “i can take care of that”
143. Xavier’s exposition about how Jean survived removed. Pointless. We get it.
144. Xavier’s patronizing explanation about Phoenix reduced and Logan’s “what”confusion removed. He ain’t that stupid.
145. “cage the beast” comment by Xavier removed. ending re timed to allow segue to mobile prison, removing Logan’s walkout.
146. Juggernaut release line “i waann pee” and Magneto lead in deleted.
147. White house scene with Beast removed. Superfluous and new president removal.
148. New Audio segue to Jean recovery.
149. Delete “back where we first met” etc by Jean
150. 2 vindicative Xavier lines deleted “what have u done” and I warned you.
151. Jeans house segues in and out of extended fight scene from deleted scenes, not using the juggernaut kick off provocation
152. Selected lines from the psychic battle between Phoenix and Dr X mixed into fight
153. Funeral relocated to end of film, feels too much like and end at the wrong spot. A pause yes, but too final.
154. Music changed to more sombre not upbeat like a film end.
155. Sequence discussing school and Angel moved up as suitable mourning.
156. Booby and Kitty sequence kept in since it acts to lift the mood gradually.
157. Extended skating shown, since Rogue would only leave over a kiss, not a skating lesson. This also justifies her love and decision later to take the cure.
159. Rogue departure with Logan deleted, referred to in Bobby’s Q&A
160. Continue with relocated Logan / Jean Telepathy and leaving school..
161. Delete first protest scene with Pyro and Bobby. Does not fwd the story, pointless, and not even good character moment. We see protests later..
162. New fade using deleted scenes footage from unused bearded magneto to segue to Magneto camp and magneto emerging from the bunker from deleted scene
163. Jean power sequence is a blend of the deleted scene with a metal mug and the theatrical “cure gun” with a new special effect converting the gun to molten metal so we see her next big power.
164. Pyro magneto chat re: Xavier deleted to allow comment about “fight begins now” to cut to crowd shot of Wolverene.
165. Wolverine chase in forest removed, since added late in shooting. Evidenced by continuity error: repairing vest and jackets sleeve close up of claw extension when only in vest.
166. New bridge sequence from Magneto walking away from jean to give speech and continuity correct entry by Logan with editing implying Jean senses him, which is consistent with Logan hearing her in the cemetery.
167. New bridge using X2 unused Capitol sunset shot to magneto reedited threat removing “first assault” which is also deleted.
168. Dialouge of “Magneto wants a war” over plastic weapons deleted scene integrated with exiting deployment shot
169. Rogue cure seek cuts to Xavier school in daylight which reveals a continuity error. Theatrical release goes ROGUE day FIRST night, School Day Bridge night in 4 mins…thats 2 days. Placing in correct order allows ….
170. New segue to danger room intro straight to Magneto base location and into deleted scene featuring beast phone call which only works if he knows….and the proof it was like that is the unbuttoned shirt in the deleted scene.
171. The split School sequence continues with dramatic music seugue too keep up drama and tension. Return to original music at “are you ready”
172. Interior Jet sequence deleted for pacing reasons. Cut stright too second jet shot and audio segue.
173. Pre-attack Magneto attack sequence joined to the later shot so single approach to Golden Gate
174. Juggernaut can’t swim removed.
175. kids playing in car removed
176. Going to Stealth mode shots “removed” and replaced so invisibility not happening. plus 2 inserts of control panels to preserve audio
177. Storm creates a wave deleted scenes added to the Phoenix climax (jean scarred girl not added)
178. Repeated beat shot later deleted, as is a repeated Storm shot.
179. Fight Build up reorganized to accommodate.
180. Close up shot of 2 magneto henchmen replaced with Alt X men to facilitate previous deletions
181. Bobby Freezes Phatt
182. Kitty’s Dickhead line removed. Keeps Juggies motivation firm. (“here’s Juggy” not used here.)
183.. Bobby Pyro fight has one line trimmed “stayed at school”
184. Reaction of Iceman Pyro fight also trims the response line
185. Insert of Logan lighting cigar from Danger Room
186. Movement to new location inserted to maintain continuity
187. “that was my last cigar” and lighting from open “danger room” inserted
188. “we’re getting killed out here” by Storm inserted from opening
189. Reconstruct second car run to ease back to continuity
190. Logan extended torture from deleted scenes
191. extended Phoenix Destruction.
192. Segue to original Xavier Funeral as if for all 3
193. Insert 2 extra tombstones
194. Reverse pan shot to end on Xavier plinth
195. “You’re back” line deleted Bobby to Rogue
196. Rogue “now looses powers” (kept in v1 and Requiem War)
197. Film ends as theatrical cut from here
198. New end Titles amalgamating major credits from all 3 films
199. All 3 credit rolls sped up with cast removed
200. New audio sugue to Xavier in Body
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I've never been a massive fan of the X-Men series as the movies tend to drag on which leaves me bored and wanting to watch something else, this is easily the best X-Men edit I've seen that combines all 3 movies into one and I never got bored throughout and actually sat and watched the whole thing which would never happen with just 1 X-Men movie. The way the story was constructed actually kept me engaged throughout and all the unnecessary things were cut out which makes this my go to version from now on, so thank you Wraith for turning X-Men from boring into an exciting movie that I can and will watch again in the future.
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March 13, 2009 @ 9:52 pm

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April 10, 2009 @ 1:25 am

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April 10, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

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April 29, 2009 @ 9:26 pm

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