X-Files, Season 5: The Missing Files, The

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Even with the shutting down of the X-Files, Mulder & Scully find themselves once again uncovering clues to the ongoing government conspiracy they have been seeking to uncover for the last 5 years.

File X-S5E21 - Mulder and Scully discover a government coverup in connection to an alien virus.
File X-S5E22 - The X-Files have been shut down and Scully has vanished after suddenly falling ill to what Mulder believes is an alien virus.
Turning X-Files: Fight the Future into 2 episodes of season 5 of The X-Files.
Other Sources:
X-Files The Complete Series
Poster set from darkwesley https://theposterdb.com/set/93120
Poster from Aloha_Alona https://theposterdb.com/poster/57781
Special Thanks:
asterixsmeagol (feedback on project title and requesting the 1:78:1 ratio)
Jrzag42 (feedback on project name)
The Scribbling Man (commiserating on Vegas woes :)
Last Impressions (ripping advice)
bionicbob (editing feedback)
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Editing Details:
The first episode follows the 46min format as established by the televised running length. The second episode has an additional 14 minutes making it almost a 1.5 length episode. The story requires the scenes for narrative flow, so I made the finale episode longer. This is the reasoning for the "missing files" and it being left out of season 5, well that's my mythology fanfiction anyway ;)
The two episodes are also presented in 1:78:1 to mirror the tv show's aspect ratio.
Cuts and Additions:
File X-S5E21 - Dissolvement (46min)
+Added theryaney's fe.org bumper
+Added Fanedit warning (recolored to light blue)
-Remove the Opening Credits & Cavemen/Alien scenes
-Open with boy falling into pit scene
-Removed boys running away from pit and cut to black after boy's eyes turn black and add X-Files Season 6 Intro
+Add on-screen in episode credits
+Commercial fade to black after Mulder says, "next time you're buying" when looking at the aftermath of the building explosion
+Commercial fade to black after Smoking Man tells the scientist to burn the body if the vaccine is unsuccessful
+Commercial fade to black while Scully hides in the morgue freezer from the guard
+Fade out to black, added extra alien screams
+Added custom X-Files closing credits
*Cropped numerous scenes throughout to create a better frame for characters in the 1:78:1 presentation

File X-S5E22- Fight The Future (~60 min)
+Added theryaney's fe.org bumper
+Added Fanedit warning (recolored to light blue)
+Add previously on the X-Files montage
+Fade in on children playing in the courtyard in England
+Added ominous X-Files music while the group talks about the new findings and that Mulder has seen the body
+Fade out after talk of eliminating Mulder and taking away what matters most to him
+Added shot of Mulder and Scully on the tv with a slight zoom in on Scully to gently suggest she is what matters most to him
+Added X-Files Season 6 Intro
-Trimmed up corn field chopper chase
+Commercial fade to black after Mulder and Scully escape the corn field
-Preserved movies jump to black after Smoking Man gets on plain with comatose Scully, used as a commercial break
-Removed Mulder talking to Kurtzweil in the alley as the information shared is nothing new and we already know Kurtzweil is on the run. Mulder runs out the door, sees him walking away and then hears and sees the man on the fire escape
+Commercial fade to black after car explosion and Mulder running away to save Scully
-Moved scene of Smoking Man getting into the snow dozer to look for Mulder to after Mulder starts his way down the ladder in the alien spacecraft
-Cut Mulder falling down ladder in spaceship (it's ridiculous and the safety wire is super visible while he hangs over the ledge)
+Added string popping x-files violin sounds when Mulder sees Scully in the maturation chamber
+Commercial fade to black after Mulder sees Scully
+Moved Smoking Man returning to the facility before Mulder comes up with the idea to break Scully out.
-Cut all aliens breaking out of the tanks. You see the inside the tanks, but they don't grab Mulder or chase directly after him. This and the ladder scenes are ridiculous as they push beyond the believable (even for the X-Files)
-Cut alien popping up out of the vent.......again ridiculous. We've seen it do massive damage to people and it's hard to believe that some steam would deter it from chasing Mulder and Scully any further.
-Preserved natural commercial fade to black after Mulder faints (from exhaustion?)
+Fade to black during long shot of cornfields in Tunisia
+Added custom X-Files closing credits
*Cropped numerous scenes throughout to create a better frame for characters in the 1:78:1 presentation

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