White Lotus "I’m a Very Needy Person and I Am Deeply, Deeply Insecure."

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An edit of just the Jennifer Coolidge story in White Lotus Season 1..
I loved White Lotus Season 1, and my favorite character was Tanya McQuoid. I was often bummed when they cut to the other stories and wanted to see her silly chaotic performance. So I made an edit of just her story. It flows great, like a feature film.
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Special thanks to ArtisDead.
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I used Final Cut Pro X and did three passes: a rough pass to grab anything I might want to use, a fine edit to finish a first version of the cut, and a third pass for pacing after watching the cut.
Cuts and Additions:
Outside of specifically removing scenes from other characters' subplots, here are the edits I made within scenes:

Modify opening credits to remove other actors' names and add mine
Change opening scene to make the opening shot Tanya and removed the Paula and Olivia dialogue that doesn't involve them
Removed some of the Armond and Lani dialogue that was an introduction to Lani's subplot
Removed other characters arriving on the island
In the ketamine scene, removed many of the girls' lines and all of the lines where Tanya is talking with ketamine effects, to remove that part of the story
In the mothers' ashes boat scene, removed a lot of Shane and Rachel dialogue to focus it more on Tanya and keep the couple as an unknown side story
Cut down the scene where Rachel is crying in front of Belinda, to take the focus off her story
Included the scene where Belinda and Armond have dinner and complain about the guests, as it works without knowing Armond's character and adds to commentary on Tanya's
Created a montage over music to end the film and wrap up the relationships between Tanya, Belinda, and Greg
I’m a Very Needy Person and I Am Deeply, Deeply Insecure (Password: fanedit)

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