Week of July 2nd, 2023 – New Fanedits

5 new edits this week:



Marvel The TV Series: Season 3 by NOTFLIX

“All the interconnected Marvel Studios products become a massive, perfectly structured TV series, to make the journey of the Earth’s Mightiest superheroes the most epic adventure ever.”



Star Wars: Obi-Want Kenobi – The Spence Edit by Spence

“The Kenobi show, trimmed down to a movie length. This series started life as a movie script, and the show just feels like a movie stretched to six hours. This keeps most of the main plot point, but makes it fit as an easily digestible Star Wars film.”



The Dark Knight: Why So Serious? by DonkeyKonga

“Very small changes. The only narrative changes come at the end and they too are subtle. Which makes sense because the original movie is terrific.”



Heracles: A 007 Story by INIGHTMARES

“After I finally saw the theatrical cut of No Time To Die (NTTD) I wanted to create a new version so Bond lives, and also be much, much shorter overall.”



Let’s Do It For Johnny! by CoolGuy209

“”Let’s Do It For Johnny!” takes the extended cut of “The Outsiders” and replaces most of the 60s rock music with the background music from the theatrical release.”


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