Week of July 23rd, 2023 – New Fanedits

Three new edits this week:



Wonder Woman 84: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by mredthefed

“Wonder Woman 84 with a proper 80’s soundtrack! The goal was to give WW84 a proper 80’s soundtrack as if the movie studio licensed and properly scored the movie. The action sequences become music videos while preserving the dialogue and sound effects.”



Prospect: Glass Aventine by futon88

“This is Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl’s award-winning Sci-Fi Space Western with an enhanced score featuring the delicate music of Agnes Obel. Cee and her father Damon will risk one last trip to the dangerous “Green Moon” of Bakhroma to secure a better future for their small family. Along the way, they must contend with pirates, mercenaries, and a toxic atmosphere, all intent on keeping them from their prize.”



The Bigger Short by greenturnedblue

“Lightweight edit with the aim of re-incorporating five deleted scenes to Adam McKay’s The Big Short (2015) to extend the film approximately seven minutes. Also fixed one goofed line during the Securitization Forum.”


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