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There's this legend that no space opera after A New Hope managed to achieve success in the mainstream, its sad but truth. When Valerian launched my initial impression was "that was nice, but could be great". It was a passion project from a passionate creator, unfortunately it almost bankrupt his own company, and now 5 years later i think Malthus did exactly what i imagined.

No Love Lost shows again that with certain tweaks, some cuts and pacing fixes some things can literally be corrected and give a deserved new life to something. While i was watching this i couldn't even remember the original cut anymore and i think that the true sign of a good jobe done. Maybe with an add better scene to close the story this could be screened at theaters, it is that good!

I believe everybody knows by now but Jean-Claude Mézières (the original Valerian comic creator/writer) passed away a month ago, this edit is probably the best homage someone could make to the legacy of a true french sci-fi maestro along with Moebius, Without him there's nowhere to copy the Millennium Falcon, or carbonite, neither that dusty tech look that today is the standard for most space films and shows. Give this edit a try!

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