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I've been a fan of David Lynch's work since this series back in the 90's. I, like many others, were sorely disappointed in how the second half of Season 2 went. Despite this, I ended up buying probably every release of this show, including VHS, the Korean release of the Pilot episode, multiple versions of the DVD releases, and now digitally.

The parts that MisterCooper deals with are exactly the things that need removing. This version definitely returns a good-watching experience with the show's second half. I agree with some of the others, that there may be a little too much Nadine, with the wrestling or tossing. But at least its watchable as presented. It felt like the James story line was left hanging a bit. But to be fair I couldn't have cared less. This version was much better than what we were given.

Technically the transitions, music, and video cuts are absolutely phenomenal. The quality of this release is on par with the digital version that I started with. Absolutely stunning!

All in all, an amazing release that any TP fan should give a watch. Thanks MisterCooper, I look forward to other fanedits you have in the works.

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