Twin peaks: Mid-Season 2 (Revisited)

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Twin Peaks Revisited is an attempt to fix as many of the issues with the second half of season two of Twin Peaks as possible and make it more focused and enjoyable.

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ABC forced Frost and Lynch to name the killer mid-season and it really changed the series direction from Episode 10 and on.
This fanfix covers ONLY those episodes, which is everything after Laura's killer's reveal.

The goal of this edit is to keep the main Cooper/Black Lodge story in focus while also keeping the subplots that
actually had a payoff at the end of the season and keeping Windom Earle a more menacing force.
Was very disappointed with the direction of Windom Earle and the filler plotlines (like most fans) in Season 2.
I also thought it could use a few updated pieces of music, I used 2 tracks by David Lynch that fit very nicely.

Other Sources:
DAVID LYNCH – THE BIG DREAM: SUPER DELUXE EDITION - "Say It' (Instrumental Version) - Replaces James motorcyle music
DAVID LYNCH & LYKKE LI – "I'm Waiting Here" (Instrumental Version) - Replaces Ben Horne's 8mm film screening
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Cuts and Additions:
Removed Little Nicky subplot (Andy/Dick/Lucy already have another subplot happening)

Removed all of Windom Earle and Leo scenes till the very end *Episode 19*.
Pushing Windom to the back gives Cooper an opportunity again to be a detective on-screen.

Leo no longer gets killed by spiders, his death happens off-screen now and isn't played silly.

Removed Catherine eavesdropping on Josie when on the phone with Eckhart.

Removed some scenes of Pete and Catherine giving Josie a hard time as a maid.
We see her become a maid and her vent to Harry about it already, but removed most of this as the story ran on too long.

Removed Ben's dissociative Civil War fugue/ Audrey & Bobby team up that goes on forever.

Removed Lana and Dick scenes at Miss Twin Peaks audition rehearsal.

Removed scene of Audrey and Pete watching Jack's plane fly away.

Removed 98% of James's subplot when he leaves Twin peaks. His story happens off-screen but
Donna does go searching for him and is in for a surprise.

Trimmed up Garland being shot by the horse. It no longer shows Windom Earle's face and shows Garland's vision instead.

Removed Dartboard Garland scenes.

Reorganized the Nadine/Mike/Hank/Ed/Norma subplot.

Removed scene of Audrey and Jack that breaks up the scene of Harry being attacked.

Cut Ben Horne making shadow puppets when Hank tells him he's fired.

Updated two songs in Episode 11 with 2 instrumental tracks by David Lynch ("Say it" & "Waiting Here" Instrumental (from The Big Dream).

Recreated opening credits for Episode 17 because I didn't have footage I could use. (This episode had Windom and Leo in the opening)
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(Updated: August 22, 2022)
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The first and only way I have seen this section of Twin Peaks so far, the second half of Season 2's reputation had led me to intentionally avoid investing time in the franchise until I noticed this edit crop up in the forum.

Apart from a few instances (couple of shots feeling a touch short, the remaining sections of James Hurley's very abridged story feeling a little out of place) this edit follows the preceding half-season very naturally. It can't help feeling different to what came before (with the central mystery of the earlier episodes being solved), but in my opinion this can be overcome simply by considering it as a separate season, say Season 2.5.

Not sure when (if ever) I will get around to watching the edited episodes in their original form, will update the review if necessary. From what clips I have seen of them though I think that could only make this edit look better in comparison!

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