Twilight Zone: We Will Not Die!, The

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Alien entity invades newest recruit in space adventure!
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In the time of the Space Age, the spaceship Enterprise heads to new library installation Memory Alpha, located on a nearby planetoid. On board, latest recruit Lt. Mira Romaine is assigned to the new complex. On their approach, the crew encounters a strange storm, one that is intent on invading the new lieutenant!
The latest in my series of Star Trek/Twilight Zone crossovers; the horror aspects of the source material is particularly appropriate to be re-imagined as an original Twilight Zone episode.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- All footage converted to monochrome.
- All Captain's Logs removed.
- Opening titles removed.
- Opening credits remade with TZ font.
- All commercial breaks removed.
- New halfway commercial fade out as Mira collapses in the Emergency Manual Monitor.
- TZ Season One bumper ad placed between both acts.
- Opening narration from "The Little People", "Death Ship" and "The Long Morrow".
- Closing narration from "The Last Flight" and "The Long Morrow".
- Twilight Zone Season One opening titles/music, and end music used. I feel the nature of this particular edit means that the Season One music is the most appropriate.
- Newly sequenced space/Enterprise shots for the closing narration.
- End credits re-purposed with TZ season one closing music.
Cuts and Additions:
Major cuts:

- Spock and Kirk congratulate Mira on her first assignment for the Federation.
- Kirk asks Spock if the storm caused any damage to the warp engines.
- The latter half of the Sickbay scene, with the exchange between Scott and Mira.
- Kirk makes preparations to beam down to Memory Alpha and demands to know where Scott is.
- Scott and McCoy talking to the Captain over the intercom in Sickbay. We now cut straight to Mira and I use the raw music to cover the sound of the doors opening/closing.
- The Enterprise approaches Memory Alpha and the landing party beams down. Kirk asks Scott for more lighting, and he says the generator is inoperative.
- The landing party beams back to the ship, and the entire Transporter Room scene.
- The first half of the exchange between Scott and Mira in the Emergency Manual Monitor. Mira insists she saw the occupants of Memory Alpha dead in their exact positions.
- Much of the Enterprise's attempts to evade the Zetarians.
- The opening sequence of the Briefing Room scene.
- Kirk et al walking down the corridor before the Zetarians penetrate the ship.
- The final Sickbay scene between Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

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I've never seen Star Trek before but this episode does have a Twilight Zone feel to it, probably because they were filmed around the same era. The Warlord has edited in features of the show, such as (well chosen) voiceovers, credits, and ad breaks to really make this episode fit into the TWZ. My only real criticism is that the twist in the episode came a little too early. Other than, it's a solid edit which I'd recommend to fans of either series.
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