Twilight Zone: We Will Not Die!, The

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Alien entity invades newest recruit in space adventure!
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In the time of the Space Age, the spaceship Enterprise heads to new library installation Memory Alpha, located on a nearby planetoid. On board, latest recruit Lt. Mira Romaine is assigned to the new complex. On their approach, the crew encounters a strange storm, one that is intent on invading the new lieutenant!
The latest in my series of Star Trek/Twilight Zone crossovers; the horror aspects of the source material is particularly appropriate to be re-imagined as an original Twilight Zone episode.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- All footage converted to monochrome.
- All Captain's Logs removed.
- Opening titles removed.
- Opening credits remade with TZ font.
- All commercial breaks removed.
- New halfway commercial fade out as Mira collapses in the Emergency Manual Monitor.
- TZ Season One bumper ad placed between both acts.
- Opening narration from "The Little People", "Death Ship" and "The Long Morrow".
- Closing narration from "The Last Flight" and "The Long Morrow".
- Twilight Zone Season One opening titles/music, and end music used. I feel the nature of this particular edit means that the Season One music is the most appropriate.
- Newly sequenced space/Enterprise shots for the closing narration.
- End credits re-purposed with TZ season one closing music.
Cuts and Additions:
Major cuts:

- Spock and Kirk congratulate Mira on her first assignment for the Federation.
- Kirk asks Spock if the storm caused any damage to the warp engines.
- The latter half of the Sickbay scene, with the exchange between Scott and Mira.
- Kirk makes preparations to beam down to Memory Alpha and demands to know where Scott is.
- Scott and McCoy talking to the Captain over the intercom in Sickbay. We now cut straight to Mira and I use the raw music to cover the sound of the doors opening/closing.
- The Enterprise approaches Memory Alpha and the landing party beams down. Kirk asks Scott for more lighting, and he says the generator is inoperative.
- The landing party beams back to the ship, and the entire Transporter Room scene.
- The first half of the exchange between Scott and Mira in the Emergency Manual Monitor. Mira insists she saw the occupants of Memory Alpha dead in their exact positions.
- Much of the Enterprise's attempts to evade the Zetarians.
- The opening sequence of the Briefing Room scene.
- Kirk et al walking down the corridor before the Zetarians penetrate the ship.
- The final Sickbay scene between Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

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