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A highly recommended edit!
I loved the theatrical cut, but felt that certain bits were out of place - or rather over the top. For example, Thor spinning during the conversation with Surtur, or shrieking several times throughout the film. Another example - Banner crashing on the Bifrost. I felt that trimming these bits could greatly improve the film. It turns out I was right.
DigModiFicaTion's edit is wonderfully done - both technically and narrative-wise. I liked it a lot, but deducted 2 points from my score because of two small issues:
a. Tiny continuity issue - skipping the visit to New York means that Thor and Loki should not be wearing civilian clothes, yet for some reason (in this edit) they do.
b. Trimming somewhat important moments - 'Get Help' sheds some interesting light on the siblings' relationship and therefore should not be cut. Additionally, Hela's comment about the fake Infinity Gauntlet was a nice way of tying loose ends, and I was sorry to see it gone.

Again - all in all a brilliant edit, well done.

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