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Like panexis and eternalsage, this is by far my least favorite MCU film. But unlike them, this fanedit does not make Ragnarok watchable for me. As eternalsage said, "crap movie is crap down to its bones" haha! So how to be fair when grading this edit?

Okay, the faneditor's stated goal was to "Trim down the overly ridiculous humor and some of the more over the top cgi fights". Did it do that? I think, MOSTLY yes. There's just SO much overly ridiculous humor in this that it might be impossible to cut it all. Some examples that are still in the film: Hela joking about taking out Thor's eye (with a slap, smh?), God of Thunder getting repeatedly tazed, "Is it though?", Asgardian groupies getting splashed by decapitation goo, Loki's 30 minute tazing, and so on. Can all that be cut? I honestly don't know. I feel like the only way to actually fix the humor in this film is with a much more ambitious re-edit, probably mixing up the chronology and re-scoring the film. It wouldn't be a "trimmed" edition. So I mostly have to give this a high rating, even though it was still like nails-on-a-chalkboard to me.

My thoughts on the film in general and what doesn't work are here: But I have to say that I'm NOT opposed to humor in a Thor film. But the humor should be situational and happen as a result of character and story, not from improv-ing and TRYING to make jokes. So some of the humor that was removed here was actually consistent with that. Many of Korg's droll lines, Thor's story about Loki's mischief and some of his comments to Hulk, Hulk not caring about being naked, and...even though it probably is too much, I do miss Loki's "That's what it feels like!"

Overall, this didn't reshape the movie in the way that I wanted. I suspect that for people who really enjoyed it the first time and only realized there were issues when they heard other people complain: this will be the perfect sweet spot. Big, goofy, sci-fi comedy with charming people. It's not Thor, but a lot of people didn't care about Thor before this anyway. If so, this is the film for you.

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