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A slight disappointment on this one -- I had gone in hoping for a definitive, perfect Ragnarok (considering how many alternate scenes and fan edits there are, a tall order to be sure) and this isn't quite that, although as a fun alternative way to experience one of the best MCU movies, it's hardly a failure. The alternative Odin death scene, while fantastic (and preferable -- lookit that Kirby Krackle!) doesn't really fit well with the rest of the movie itself or this edit, as there's still a few references to events as they transpired in the theatrical cut.

However, Bobson does superlative work elsewhere with re-inserting deleted scenes and (mostly) completing unfinished special effects, although I think I noticed one Grandmaster-and-assistant scene where the background still appears incomplete?

Maybe I'm just being picky because in my perfect world, whatever YouTube user had that genius idea of using "Thunderstruck" for the bridge battle instead of milking "Immigrant Song" a second time should be the standard Ragnarok fan edit move going forward. Either way, I'm still open to seeing new variations of this movie, and this is definitely one that shouldn't be missed, although a second pass mightn't be the worst idea.
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