Superman Part 3: The Superman Returns

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(Updated: June 18, 2014)
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this reworking of superman returns goes a long way to removing the most drastic of the movies faults, namely the crushingly slow pace, and the child of superman, as well as rearranging the action scenes to create a more exciting series of events, and keeping the action of the film high. im glad to say that Avid4d succeeds.

the flm is blisteringly quick, and film rarely lets up with its acton and plot progression, making the film immensely easy to watch. his edits are professional and unnoticable fo rthe most part.

however, i am not such a fan of some of the edits, such as the speedy ending between lois and clark which doesnt really provide the finally we were looking for, as well as removing the tension from the "superman dead" plot thread.

i also didnt feel the old shot of superman's ship returning from krypton, or his falling into the ocean was a necessary change, and that the clips from the movie worked fine.

however, this is a vastly superior film to the original and i recomend it to anyone who dislikes the feel of the original movie, which most fanedits choose to keep.

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