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My first introduction to Firefly was the movie Serenity, yeah weird place to jump into a series. I watched it I thought it way okay, I loved River's fight scenes but I didn't really have any emotional investement in the characters. A year later I watched firefly and I liked it, some episodes were a little boring, but when it was good, it was REALLY good. I'd bought the series and watched it once and followed up on Serenity again (which was so much better second time around.) I was hoping to return to the series again at some point, that never happened.

So when MusicEd209 announced he had made this fanedit, I jumped at the opportunity to come aboard the ship Serenity for adventures and High Jinx with Captain Mal once more.

As per usual I don't want to talk about the technical side too much, i've never made an edit,I don't know what the process entails, i'm sure I have a good idea. But The footage is a little jarring in places, I'm not so bothered about the quality of deleted scenes, that is an always will be an issue where you only have one viable option, to include or not include... he made the right choice to include those scenes.

The age old problem of TV credits though, I wish there was a simpler way of avoidiing this, would I be just as jarred by a blurred watermark, or a big black censorship? I think yes. I suppose it depends on the placement of said credits, could we zoom in and lose even more of the sides... anyway long story short I don't think there is a really viable workaround that wouldn't draw attention. And thankfully it's not a very regular occurance.

Okay story, this is where the edit gets top marks, it is perfect and superflous, characters are introduced, we get their intro arcs, it all makes sense, I absolutely loved how it all came together in chronological order using the flashbacks and then the dealing with the mole and the way we get a glimpse of where things are going with Serenity Chronicles II and that's before we even get to the teaser at the end.

Well done sir, I look forward to the next in the series.

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