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As a Johnny-come-lately to the TV series, this is a great companion piece. I've been binge viewing Firefly on FireTv and am wondering how it was that I eschewed this fine show when it first aired in 2002-3. A word about how I watched this Fanedit. I didn't make a DVD, instead I converted it to an .m4v at the native 720p resolution using iFlicks2. So consider that when evaluating my ratings.

As someone with little foundation in the entirety of the 11 episodes and the movie, I found some of the jump cuts a little jarring. The one early on that introduces us to Jayne's character in particular had me rewinding to make sure I didn't have a glitch in my transfer. I also became too much aware of the variation of the source material's visual quality (not the fault of the faneditor) which temporarily took me out of the scene until I recovered and got back into the story. On a big plasma display the slightly grainy elongated SD clips really stood out. The variation in sound level had a similar effect upon occasion.

Where this fanedit really shines is in the narrative. As a newbie, the characters and the sequencing made perfect sense to me. It will be interesting to see how my perception is affected by watching the rest of the TV episodes. The quality of the visual and sound editing, the pace, the story development, all of those were big plusses and made the fanedit really feel like a theatrical release. I loved the "coming attractions" clip at the end; nice way to whet the appetite for your next installment.

From the quality of the work it is apparent that lots of love went into this project. Can't wait for SCII!

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