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As you can tell by my numerical score, I loved this. But since there is so little wrong, I will start with the small things I didn't love, starting with: The aftermath of the Serenity battle. It was the only cut in the whole thing that felt off to me. It's a shame to have to switch to lesser footage so early in the edit--before the new credits--but I liked the way you structured the whole story, so that's where the deleted scene needed to go. The whole movie is so good, it is easy to forget it and move forward. The first scene with Inara and her young client seemed a little bit choppy. I wasn't bothered by it, but I did notice it. (Thank you for keeping as much of Morena Baccarin bathing as you did! Any inclusion of semi-nude Inara scenes is mightily welcome!) The only other issue I had was that I thought the new music was a little louder than the dialogue sometimes. This only affected the couple of re-inserted scenes.
I couldn't detect a single commercial fade. I loved the TV show, but the way you introduced the characters in this, I am sure I could have come at this with no prior knowledge of the show still gotten totally on board. Your previews for the next one look great! I am in agreement with BionicBob that I cannot wait for the next one either! I am tempted to go rewatch the whole series now, as this edit reminded me of what a fantastic show this was, and how fully realized the characters and universe of Firefly were/are. This is probably my fav tv-to-movie edit I've seen.
Highly recommended.

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