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I watched the individual fan edits, the Organic Eggs and Sparkles versions, before viewing this one, and I enjoyed both, even though I still considered the original Amazing Spider-Man films to be less than amazing- especially the second, which I thought was a real mess. However, I really enjoyed this version, which uses most of the first film and a few parts of the second to make one large standalone story, and does so really well.

Peter is made a far more likable character in this version. He never goes after Uncle Ben's killer, which I thought was a real problem in the first film. I never really got behind a main character who I watch for about twenty minutes on just his personal vendetta.
Dr. Ratha is completely changed. Throughout the film, you hear him being harassed by Norman Osborn through a radio, and it's kind of funny, but creepy at the same time. But at least all of his scenes have more depth than just him being a moron.
Harry Osborn is much more likable in this version, mostly because this version uses the first half of his story in this one, which was the part I originally liked, and even Chris Cooper as Norman is better done.
Dr. Connors is a much stronger villain- most of his deleted scenes are restored, and his character is much more three-dimensional.
Most of the third act remains unchained, and that was always my least favorite part of the original movie; however, it feels a lot more satisfying here, because there was a lot more buildup, and Spider-Man has a more credible foe to against.

Not completely free of flaws though. The last part does go on for a while, and it is a little strange to see Peter discover everything only after he beats the Lizard and breaks up with Gwen and all that. But I suppose that's a better option than just not discovering it at all or needing to make a sequel.
The runtime is a little long, but the story is more dense, and learning about all the parts that happen offscreen is more interesting here, so that's another plus. Most of the story issues I have are things that just hold over from the original, but I think this version does the best it can.

Overall, if you kind of liked the original films but still think they did have a lot of problems, you'll probably enjoy this version. Definitely recommend it!

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