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I am not a Top reviewer, just one of those users lurking in the shadows and not skilled enough to make my own fanedits -even though I've tried several times-.

So I must first say: THANK YOU. I am a fan of your work, Kerr, and I was waiting for this movie edit eagerly. Even if I enjoyed the theatrical version of the film, I found many scenes to be out of place and wanted so bad to see this kind of work with it...

The video and especially the sound in your edit are brilliant. It is very difficult to realise when something has been cut or added, and the blending with the music is close to perfect. Howard Shore must be proud!

The movie is faster and a better cinematic experience than the original, which I keep in my living room in Blu-Ray, but this is a great complement to it.

However I would like to point out two elements that I found disturbing when I watched the movie and that I have been surprised to find that are still in your version:

1) Saruman at Rivendell. For me it was a let down to see Saruman in the movie. If I am not wrong, Saruman does not appear in the movie. The whole council scene was too urgent and forced. For me, it felt like the Lord of The Rings movie could start anytime soon, and Saruman is blatantly rude... I expected him at least to be more subtle. I would like to see a version that takes Saruman away, but I don't know if Peter Jackson has other intentions for this character in the upcoming movies.

2) Thorin's sword when he is knocked out. Before blacking out, Thorin tries to reach the sword with his right arm and fails. Then when the eagle comes, it takes Thorin and by some sort of magic (or obvious filming mistake) the sword is next to Thorin's body, so much that the eagle takes Thorin and the sword easily. I usually forgive this kind of mistakes in a movie, but this one was too obvious for me and I hoped that a fanedit would fix this detail. There is no need to show Thorin trying to reach the sword and failing. I believe!

All in all, it is a great, close-to-perfect edit. Just hoped it to fix these 2 elements!

Thank you, anyhow! Terrific job.

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