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NJVC second fanedit edit to the Batman saga takes what is rightly considered to be one of the best comic book movies and gives it a little touch up. as with part 1 some things work for the better (the cop chase sequence) while some things just don't feel right. the removal of the vigilantly Batman's from the beginning feels a little awkward when batman makes his appearance. the removal of the people on the boat made the jokers plan a little anticlimactic while the sonar vision removal doesn't pay off as good as the original. it felt a little off having batman's eyes suddenly glowing while we the viewer don't get to see what it is he's seeing

these parts i most confess i don't have a problem with when i saw the original and while a lot of the cuts go unnoticed (i tend to view the cut list after i watch a fanedit) these scenes for me were more noticeable in there removal. removing Gordon's son from the end again while done well it now has Gordon seemingly taking to himself and just felt a little unnatural. overall i feel some things are better left in, while they may not be the strongest parts to the film they do in my opinion make the film a lot better with there inclusion.

as with part 1 the cuts both from a visual and audio point of view are done extremely well and the quality is of a high standard. but as with part 1 it falls a little short when compared to the original film but is well worth the watch.

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Owner's reply September 04, 2014

Thanks for the review Leeroy, I realise many of the cuts were personal preference and understand they may not be suited to your ideal version of the film, or preferable to the original. Good to hear you felt some of the choices helped improve the film though!

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