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That Thing You Do was a fun movie when the Theatrical Cut hit cinemas in 1996. The subsequent Extended Cut. wasn't perfect but did improve the experience. Now DigModiFicaTion gives us the best of both worlds by keeping the best Extended material while trimming the rest down to the Theatrical story.

Audio is impeccable throughout (crucial in a music movie!).

Video is excellent but not perfect: a few short transition scenes look softer than the scenes before and after (Reshoots? Pick up shots?). The green screen is noticeable when the band plays outside to a large audience (with the camera behind the drummer, you see the "cut out"). And one brief cutaway shot of street (@36m) is noticeable grainy (DigModiFicaTion confirms in the change list that this is a zoomed-in shot). Mind you, none of this is problematic to the edit's enjoyment.

One editing detail caught my attention: the start of the bar fight. Most of the lead-up (with the fire extinguisher) is cut and it was not very clear to me what causes the fight.

This edit compellingly replaces both the Theatrical and the Extended Cut. Go enjoy and swing to That Thing You Do!

Full disclosure: I made the subtitles for this edit, so I am obviously a fan.

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