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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
September 18, 2011 @ 10:05 pm

Just finished watching this edit & I have to say it’s a big improvement over the original. I applaud Q2 & as of now it is my master version of Terminator Salvation.

There were two stand out problems with the edit in my mind.

#1. There was a problem with the video in the Marcus flashback prison sequence where I had a green line appear & disappear on the right side of the screen. Could be a burn problem IDK.

#2. I really liked the way Q2 tweaked the story but as TV’s Frink mentioned above the scene where Marcus finds the cell where Kyle is held is the big stand out problem since skynet hasn’t identified him yet so he shouldn’t be in the database. If there was a way to cut the whole let me know what cell kyle is in part it would be better but I realize the problem of John just stumbling across kyle by chance. Not sure how this could be resolved.

So because of this story problem I have to give this edit a score of 8 & it is a part of my Terminator film collection.
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