Terminator Salvation – T-HOPE Edition

Terminator Salvation – T-HOPE Edition

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Terminator Salvation – T-HOPE Edition
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Simply put: a better version of Terminator Salvation... hopefully.

Aside from the newly created opening and changed ending, this fanedit removes Kyle from Skynet’s hitlist and makes John enemy number 1. Skynet doesn’t know about Kyle’s importance. It only knows about John Connor because of his radio broadcasts that inspire people and spread hope among humanity. Skynet sees this as a potential risk and wants him terminated. Sarah Connor’s original tape message has been restored.

Marcus has been given some flashbacks to slowly reveal his past. Tried to have the various Terminators appear more menacing and dangerous, and cut most of their illogical actions. Last but not least are little cuts and changes in various sequences throughout the movie.
Terminator Salvation was an incredibly disappointing movie. The story was weak, very flawed. The logic didn’t make sense. The Terminators weren’t dangerous, they were only throwing people around. Skynet knowing about Kyle Reese (and when he was captured, not even killing him) was a huge letdown story-wise. Shortly: very disappointing movie.

This fanedit tries to improve the movie. I don’t think Terminator Salvation can be saved, or turned into a good movie, worthy of being part of the Terminator saga. It will remain a very flawed and disappointing movie. However, this fanedit tries to make it watchable at least.

It took a lot of planning, specially gathering the clips for the intro. And then it was simply just do it. I always hate the 5.1 audio mixing in the process of creating a fanedit (specially when you create your own scenes from scratch), so extra motivation was needed for that phase. But in the end, I knew my fanedit would be better then the theatrical cut (I’m not ego-tripping here, but the official cut is so incredible bad that almost anything is better), so I had to release it!!

The Director’s Cut of Terminator Salvation has been used for this fanedit.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Created new intro “Echoes from the past.” Dr. Silberman and Miles Dyson both have a form of cameo, creating a nice link to the previous Terminator movies.
- Created new intro titles that shows the results of the nuclear fires, humanity’s struggle after it, the first attack by machines and a nightly fight between men and machine. Added Edgen’s Terminator Theme performed by Justin R. Durban.
- Removed missile POV, start with explosion.
- Removed the T-600 attacking John Connor. If a Terminator pops up behind you, you should be dead as its mechanical hand should already been ripping out your heart.
- Cut Ashdown calling John a prophesized leader. Cut Resistance Command knowing about Kyle Reese and his importance. John Connor is number one on the hitlist. Changed dialogue so Losenko says Connor is number one.
- Cut Connor’s arrival because it shows a complete airbase with bright lights. The machines should have noticed this and already attacked that base. Unfortunately I couldn’t remove these kinds of shots later on in the movie.
- Changed Sarah Connor’s message on tape into the original one from ‘The Terminator.’ Too bad I couldn’t change the photograph into the original one.
- Conversation between John and Kate. Cut “Kill Kyle Reese. Reset the future. No John Connor.” This line just feels like an insult to the IQ of the fans. Plus I think if John and Kate were living together for over 15 years, this would be already very clear to them and no need to repeat such stuff.
- Tightened up the T-600′s attack on Marcus. Cut some staring at each other, T-600 turns around now and immediately starts firing. Cut some of the shooting so it looks like the T-600 is more accurate and Marcus was saved at the last moment by Kyle Reese. Also tightened up Kyle activating the trap for the T-600. Hopefully making the T-600 appear a bit more dangerous. Also cut a little bit of the T-600 shooting its foot to escape the trap.
- Created a “nightmare” flashback sequence in Marcus has some weird flashes of being in jail talking to a woman (Serena) with a sudden and weird ending.
- Cut Aerostat identifying Kyle Reese by name. Also cut some driving and Kyle telling it’s the first time ever he’s driving a car.
- Cut some dialogue of the meeting between Marcus & co and the people at the gas station (removed “You point that gun at somebody, you better be ready to pull the trigger.”).
- After shooting the thug in the knee, Blair doesn’t show any pity or remorse for the one who tried to rape her. She doesn’t toss her bag with antibiotics to him. Life after Judgment Day is more about survival.
- Removed campfire scene. A fire in such an open place would definitely get the machine’s attention. Plus the conversation was really lame.
- Cut first trembling mine when Marcus walks through the minefield. The reveal of Marcus being a hybrid is now much more of a surprise.
- Marcus’ face is now shown when he says “My name is Marcus Wright.”
- Created dream flash / flashback about Marcus signing away his body to Cyberdyne to reveal his background and complete the flashback series of his past. Somehow this reveal with his screaming works more in an emotional way.
- Cut the 4 (hybrid) silhouettes at Skynet while people are being processed. Also cut Kyle being identified by the machines. He just gets picked out of the row because of his positive skin type.
- Cut John mentioning Kyle to Ashdown while trying to talk Ashdown out of attacking Skynet while there are still prisoners inside.
- Used Connor motivation speech from the theatrical cut.
- Cut Marcus sending Kyle’s cell location to John. John just gets the message (could be from Marcus, could be from Skynet–who knows). This also omits having Kyle’s name in Skynet’s system.
- Removed some of Skynet Serena’s lines. Also removal of any display of Kyle on screen. Couldn’t remove all cringe worthy lines unfortunately.
- Cut John screaming to Star to run away.
- Cut the T-800 throwing John around. John meets the T-800, then fires his gun. That’s it.
- Cut T-600 shooting John in the shoulder. Useless part that doesn’t get addressed to later on, more a leftover from the original Project Angel act.
- Reconstructed the ending. Marcus dies when the T-800 destroys his heart. Connor only gets scarred, then escapes and flies away while the Skynet building explodes. At the desert camp Kate is sad/emotional because she almost lost John. John gives Kyle his jacket which makes Kyle now a part of the resistance. Kyle Reese buries someone (not John Connor) while discovering the Sarah photograph while John Connor is flown away and gives an (extended) voiceover.
- Added fanedit credits.
Cover art by T-Hope (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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February 11, 2011 @ 7:12 pm

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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September 11, 2010 @ 11:14 am

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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October 18, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

This one has been on my CURIOUSITY LIST for a while now…

I really enjoy the whole TERMINATOR Franchise. I absolutely LOVE the now cancelled TV series (shame on you FOX). I haven’t really not enjoyed any of the previous movies. The first two are brillant. T3, while a bit too heavy on the humor, greatly entertained me in a otherwise dismal summer of blockbuster blunders. And I even like T4. Yes, even as a casual fan I noticed the continuity issues, but as a WAR MOVIE, I think it worked pretty well.

So when I read T-Hope’s thread and intention for this movie, I was very excited.
And now after watching, I am pleased to say I was not disappointed.

From a narrative restructuring point of view, this edit is excellent.
All cuts and reorganizing of scenes completely work and improve the overall story.
The new opening was very clever and I was impressed.
The editing of Marcus into a supporting character works well.
The handling of Kyle also works and makes more sense now.
So, again from the storyline perspective, exceptionally well done.

On the technical side, there a few minor issues, all which have been brought up by previous reviewers.
I too found the audio a bit quiet, but nothing distracting or significant. I just turned up the volume and
ate my popcorn!

A few cuts are very hard and noticebale. Also, many of transitions could use another pass to smooth them out.

But despite this, I still found this movie very enjoyable.
I would give this edit a solid 7/10.

Thanks for the fun T-Hope!!!

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
Overall rating 

August 31, 2010 @ 11:19 pm

I came into this edit as a blank slate. I never watched the original in the theater, and because of the lack-luster reviews, the bargain-sale DVD I bought on clearance from Blockbuster remains unwatched on my shelf.

So with a fresh slate and no frame of reference I have to say that largely, T-Hope has crafted a movie that narratively, works fairly well and overall, I was able to enjoy the story and sights.

Visual quality was hard to evaluate as I was watching this on a small screen. It didn’t present anything that looked bad, visual edits worked well, however the new introduction felt occasionally off as the film quality from various sources varied wildly. However, the manner in which they presented Judgement Day far outweighed the visual inconsistency. The only scene I think I might have cut was the insertion of Dr. Silberman, its video quality was so drastically different and overall feel was so ‘cheap’ for lack of a better word that it pulled me out of the montage which I had previously been pulled into.
Audio wise I noticed many hard edits, but to be fair I was listening with headphones which are exceptionally unforgiving. But there were a few where the beat and pace of the music simply didn’t fit well, and then a few seconds later would have the same mis-step as the next scene came on. One that stands out is during the sequence where Marcus is learning about himself, and then makes his choice.

Because I haven’t watched to original yet, I can say that I only noticed a few areas where something was obviously missing. While any overt mention of Skynet knowing who Kyle was, it was obvious from the footage left in that they were looking for him as the machines scanned him very specifically and reacted once he was Identified. Even without the supporting confirmation I could feel that something had been removed, which is further compounded by him being in specific isolation at Skynet and the fact that he was how Marcus leads John into the trap. More than enough was left on screen that I knew the subplot even with it being gone.
Marcus however was handled wonderfully. Reading the above reviews something was obviously cut at the beginning, but I never felt its absence, his story unfolded perfectly. I did not have a problem with the filter on his memory flashback. Not having seen the original i didn’t know that this was not original so good job.
Again, and this is not really in T-Hope’s hands, it was obvious that Marcus was suppose to be rescued in the final portion of the action sequence, if only because this is a big-budget Hollywood film. There are enough markers left that you know he’s supposed to get out of there somehow, and from reading the above reviews I guess this is true. T-Hopes method of editing out the heart surgery works well and seems a good choice, as described it’s a ridiculously over-the-top and contrived story point.

Overall Enjoyment
T-Hope has assembled a decent story out of what appears to have been a mess of a theatrical release, but even without seeing the original I could feel the edits and missing pieces.

Overall Score

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
Overall rating 
Audio/Video Quality 

July 31, 2010 @ 1:49 am

Terminator Salvation – T-HOPE Edition

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the original cut of T4. However, because of this, it’s easier to judge this edit without constantly thinking “this was cut, that’s gone, wtf that’s new” and so on. So let’s cut right down to it.

From a story standpoint, the edit is sound. Even knowing in the back of my mind that Marcus was a Terminator, his reveal was “shocking,” if you catch my drift. Also, the new intro. Ace. Absolutely awesome. (out of curiosity, did you use any shots from the movie “The Road”? Thought I spotted some. Anyhow). The intro really helped to set the mood. The only minor niggle I had with the story is why Blair suddenly decided to help Marcus. The scene with them after the attack helped to build their relationship, and without it, something just feels…off somehow.

I watched this on my laptop, so I have a feeling that video issues are going to be more apparent than on a DVD/TV. So take the next section with a humongo grain of salt…

Video was decent. The quality was consistent throughout, with a few exceptions: I noticed some interlacing during the intro. I don’t remember where exactly, but it wasn’t too distracting at that point, so it wasn’t too big of a deal. There was a shot in the first bit before the bomb goes off of a blonde woman in an office where the quality was noticably lower. Same thing with the shots of the bombs going off that was taken from Battlestar Galactica. I didn’t notice any other issues until the end…when Connor is being carried out of the Skynet facility at the end, the picture lookeda bit blurry, and the framing seemed off, almost as if the picture had been zoomed in on. Also, there was some interlacing on the final shots in the helicopter before Connor set off the fireworks show. And then…the strangest thing happened…the picture was amazingly sharp and clear during the helicopter finale and to the end. I was…confused. Finally, the final shot of Kyle at the end looks a bit stretched out.

Audio was great. Even on a stereo setup with my laptop speakers, I could still hear some directional sound effects and the like. Good show. I only noticed (read: remember) one hard audio cut, where the fire scene with Blair and Marcus was cut.

Now, for the edit: I didn’t notice anything (aside from the fire scene and the T-600 attacking Connor at the start), so all was good. However, there was a minor inconsistency in the edit: T-HOPE states that he cut the T-600 popping up behind John because, and I quote, “If a Terminator pops up behind you, you should be dead as its mechanical hand should already been ripping out your heart.” A very sound point…but shouldn’t that same point apply to the Terminator that pops out of the water during the opening base raid? Food for thought. Also, the fadeout to Marcus’s nightmare was…eh. Not sure how I felt about it. The filter on the dream was questionable as well. However, the second nightmare sequence during his “reveal” was probably my favorite sequence in the entire edit.

Overall, a very solid effort. The video stuff I mentioned earlier is really holding me from giving a higher rating. Perhaps it will look nicer once burned to a disc and played on a different system. However, editing is mostly sound, story was solid for the most part, and audio was close to perfect. THIS is what T4 should have been (or a very close approximation) the first time around.

Enjoyment: 9/10
Video: 6/10
Audio: 8.5/10
Overall: 7/10

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