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Have to disclose- I know nothing about editing. Most of this review is my reaction to narrative rather than anything technical.

I really didn't liked T3 the first time I watched it. The ending was great, and the chick Terminator was pretty cool, but my biggest problem with it was the weakness of the John Connor character and the sort of silly, eye-roll inducing lines that were peppered throughout the original.

As far as I could tell, this edit removed both of those problems. The lame jokes are gone, and, somehow, amazingly, unbelievably, I was seriously on board with John Connor this time. The only line that made me cringe this time was "There's enough C4 here to take out ten supa computas." Why, oh why was that left in?

But the action scenes felt more tense, the traveling felt more appropriately paced, the characters felt more Terminator-ish, and overall the movie was just damned fun. And cool. This is the way T3 should have been released. I think that, had this movie been released (barring that stupid supa computas line), the franchise might have lived on in a better form that Salvation.

Only thing that took me out of the movie was the scene in the graveyard where Kate meets her fiance who is actually the chick Term. Felt weirdly rushed and out of place, though I can't remember how the original was.

Anyway, GREAT work. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed T2.

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