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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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March 20, 2008 @ 6:31 pm


The edit:
Great. I did not spot any hard cuts or audio issues. The execution was masterfully crafted and shows quite a lot of experience in fanediting. The flow of this fanedit is so much better than the original movie, I was entertained all the time. The way John and Kate interact now is way more believable and makes a lot more sense. I discovered a snippet from DARK ANGEL on a monitor and this is one more proof for the playful way, in which UA likes to edit his movies. Really great and makes me look VERY forward to anything else that will come from him.
editing: 5 of 5,
entertainment: 5 of 5

Image quality:
I only watched the 700mb avi version of it and of course the image quality is not the best, but it is still good.
video quality: 4 of 5

Audio quality:
The audio for the avi version is mp-3 107kb/s, which for sure is not the best quality. It sounds alright though. There are no audio flaws which I spotted.
audio: 3 of 5

resulting in a 4 of 5 overall rating from me, which can change into a 5 of 5, once the DVD is released. This is a huge improvement over the original and shows a lot of talent and expertise from the faneditor Uncanny Antman. This is Terminator 3 like I always wanted to see it and I definitely recommend it for viewing.
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